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Friday, October 2, 2009

Trend Watch: Men + Mesh.. Shirts, Vests, Pants, Etc..

I have a really, really, really good feeling about this.. Mesh shirts, vests, pants, etc.. Ok in the top half of the bottom im feeling alot of this

On the left is Prada & on the right is David Elfin both 2010 Spring/Summer collections and in two very different colors.. What i like mostly about mesh shirts/vests/etc is the fact that depending on the color of the mesh what you wear under will come through and thus creating a whole different look and opportunity to wear different things.. You could have a plain white mesh Prada shirt and you wear a red tank top under.. From there you can throw on your favorite pair of red Nikes, and a pair of crazy black jeans and your good.. If you wear a black collared short-sleeve dress shirt, and a pair of gray jeans and black/white shoes your good to go to a wedding lol.. or a club..lol.. Im just sayin that mesh is versatile.. depending on the tightness/looseness of the mesh (obivously)..

Now in the pants department i have never seen a pair of mesh pants unless there for Halloween or a stripper and those are usually tights but im talking about a pair of airy, fresh, light cargo and/or capri pants like so

In a very thick tight mesh material.. Tight enough that its pretty much non-transferable but has enough space to breathe and feel light as air.. OK PRETTY MUCH picture 2 layers (but each layer obviously thinner) of the prada vest above in pant form..I get this concept because when i was in Aruba i bought a pair of white, white, white, and very light almost transparent capri's.. They were made in Aruba there at those downtown stores where they sell all white stuff.. Anyways they were so transparent you could see spongebob's smile on my behind.. SO if there are gonna be pants like that mind as well make them fashionable or a little more absurd lol!

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G. said...

Actually, it's David Delfín, not Elfín. ;)

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