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Friday, October 2, 2009

Trend Watch / i DONT KNOW WHY.. But im Obsessed !

I know its not normal for guys to like purses, clutches or what not.. NOTTTTTTTTT that is the biggest joke i have heard in a while.. People need to seriously get over it haha.. But ok for real, with the advancements in fashion and the slow abolishment of the sexism that it carries with it.. Purses, bags, tots, etc... are becoming more and more frequent on the male gender..

Well i my friends have an urge to take it to not a whole other level, but a next level.. Although im pretty sure that it has taken place, and men all over the world have managed to pull it off.. i haven't seen it so im taking credit for it (dont worry not 100% lol).. lol..

Prada is one of my favorite designs, mens womens, suits, purses, shoes, and clutches.. I was recently for the 1,000,000th time watchin the Sex & The City movie and was pretty much blown away when i saw this i was taken to a whole other place..lol..

The Prada Glace Folder Clutch.. Once i saw that i was like if theres a girl thing i want.. (totoally sexist i know, after i just preached about sexism but im tryin to be plain here lol).. it would have to be this.. I feel that alot of men could pull this off with a dark purple blazer and black or gray trousers because of the size of the clutch.. The size is the biggest thing for me, its not to small to be to feminine (even thought it clearly is a clutch and clearly is feminine) but i feel it just has that perfect under the arm like a news-paper feel. The body is designed out of glazed calfskin and features a zip top mouth so your bags guts don’t come spewing out everywhere, plus there is a hidden magnetic front flap over closure. The color of this is just simply amazing i love it all even if it were solid i would love it.. I just love this clutch. This clutch is perfect for day the night the ANYTHING and it’s just the right size for all your daily necessities, whether it be lipstick and blush or car keys, a wallet and your smokes. It goes for about $1000 but is not carried at stores like Saks or Bergdoorfs anymore so it will be a catch to get!... Defienitly on my wish list..

So in conclusion there is a beatuiful large folder clutch i believe is unisex and i see this being a big trend on men. Not necessasarily this exact style but the concept of this.