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Friday, October 2, 2009

Trend Watch: Blues /// David Elfin - Spring/Summer - 2010

The Madrid based designer; David Elfin's (Diego David Domínguez González) second showing at NYC Fashion Week was defienitly a hit.. I loved the androgenous looks of the models and the colors (which were mainly blues, powders, teals, turqoises) of the outfits!!.. Another thing that i really, really, really appreciated in this line was the lack of black..I really find that great because black is always such a frequent color in lines and such a minimal amount was used here that its almost touching haha.

IN REGARDS TO THE TREND HUNTER i feel that all the shades, hues, tones and colors blues, turqoises', teals & etc in this collection will forecast alot of the colors for 2010!! Its just a great color and goes great with alot of skin tones.. Powder blues would be my facourite the really, really, light baby blues.

I really enjoy these looks because of the texture and of how tailored the suits are to the models. I also love the matching color skinny tie vs. dress shirt. Its a simple simple simple thing to do but just adds so much question and in my opinion mystery to the "how would that look on me" and "hmm i dont know if thats hot or not" factor.. OBVIOUSLY its an amazing idea!!

Ahh the mesh shirts!! I love that i see that because i predicted that they would be a big trend for the 2010 seasons.. They did it in prada with the grays & dark shades and now there doing it here with the beautiful blues.

The one sleeve look is very captivating with David's collection.. This is the first time i've seen this in a lon time and i really like how he did it. Usually people would have the blouse un-buttoned, wearing some cut off shorts and boots with a more grungy look but David continued the suit and made it work in his favor!

This look on the right with the all "baby blue" (i would call it) is pretty much amazing.. I love how David layered a belt just a shade up or down of the main color of the look for the look throughout his collection.. He blended the colors very well

Im not to sure how i feel about men in tube tops, it dosent work for me..

Cough Cough.. anything about the gentlemen on the rights bottom half of the look familiar??!! lol

I Love the blazer on the left because of the sinching on down the chest.