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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stevie Boi Sunglasses - Hyper Opticity OBSESSION !!!

I love getting antsy, jumpy and motivated for things.. And ever since Lady GaGa came out with the Love Game music video i have been dying.. urging, craving, crying to find those cage classes she was rocking! And after months of searching i have finally come to a find..

But not only did i find just those..

I found an optical haven... OK I once again was kind of hesitant to tell you guys cuz i LOVEEEE to have everything for myself NOT.. but i had a change of heart and decided to share the wealth with all of you gys!!!! I have never cringed or urged so much to want sunglasses like i do these (along with my Alpina's of course).. All of these creations are just amazing prepare to see the ultimate DIY creations... actually.. ultimate is an understatment.. Now i just have to get a effing credit card so i can get me a pair of these I DONT EVEN CARE WHICH PAIR anymore i just need these... haha

What seems to draw me to these the most has defeinitly got to be the edge and raw-ness of them.. I love how.. (i hate to say this word) FIERCE they are.. its insane!!

Do you see why im OBSESSING?? just look at these all.. These set above ^ definitely has to be my favorite!! I would love to wear them when im performing at a nightclub or something they are just F****** sick... (o mannn hold me down im getting out of control wanting these so badly!!)

My next favorites are definitely these two!! I love the straight and clean lines of the lens and then i love the power, emphasis, creativity and design that goes onto the actual lens!! It's just driving me insane!! And guess how much these are.. which is absolutely INSANE!! $85.00 for the pair on the left, and for the pair on the right..ok.. honestly.. this is gonna make your cringe and probably go snag a pair...$15.00 yess FIFTEEEN F****** DOLLARS!! ahh i wanna swear so badly lmfao.. Honestly Steviee i love you for making these haha..


10 -:

Debbie Lachale said...

OMFGG hes the kid that made Lady gaga Shades!!!

Anonymous said...

Yikes!!!!!!!!!! i love it!!! im going to buy them shades now!

Rye Rye said...

I saw this posting on Twitter i love StevieBoi

Strutt said...

haha!! Yes !! & its fuckin amazing haha (ahh i swore finally FML).. and you better rock them out!! When you recieve them and take a pic e-mail me the link ill post it on my blog!!

bitchh said...

Il die 4 these

Strutt said...

there so well prices.. "bitchh" you dont need to die, u just gotta buy!! im planning on getting a pair haha my indecisiveness is getting the best of me FML.. lol

beinglovingdoing said...

My favorite are the 3rd ones. thans for the website. The glasses are too rock'n roll for me. But other items are fab.


Madame said...

omg.... like i need to be checked into fashion rehab asap... i'm about to overdose on these shades!


there are HOT

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