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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Plato's Atlantis - Alexander McQueen - Spring Summer 2010 (pre-re-review)

Ok i briefly got to catch the live stream.. It was like the ultimate hustle, opening different browsers, opening firefox, explorer & chrome all at once.. Refreshing and when i finally got in it lagged like a motha effa lol.. but from what i saw it was AMAZING.. i wish i got to hear Lady GaGa - Bad Romance.. but whatever lol, i saw some pieces of the collection and the dresses were amazing such beautiful blues and accents.. bubbles & if im correct, very flowly, mermaid like features. Ill post up the pics once i get a hold of them!!

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Lori said...

mcqueen's intro was amazing. the shoes were insane!

Strutt said...

ahh you got to see it!? my computer was lagging and tripping out like crazy i just gave up im trying now again because its apparently on FML!

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