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Friday, October 2, 2009

My Newest and really Serious OBSESSION

Alexander Wang - Jamie 3 buckle flat booties @ $560.00

(images via http://ShopBop.com)

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Diane K. said...

wow these are to die for

Jons said...

those are sick! Are they for winter?

EN VANITÉ said...

r u gna buy em!

Strutt said...

well.. hopefully!

if they are still available in a couple months then yes most definitely!

Jonas said...

That's the type of boots I'm looking for, coz I don't go with high heeled boots. I just want my shoes flat, as I am tall a woman should use to be. Though carrying a Juicy Couture Wallets won't give justice to flat boots, that's why I have some high heeled one.

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