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Friday, October 2, 2009

Manish Arora - Spring - 2010 - RTW

Another wower is all i gotta say some of these pieces are just insane!! My favorite piece from the collection defeinitly has to be this dress w/ disco corset piece.

Another beautiful thing about this collection are the prints and textiles of the garments.. I can't get over some of the prints on these dresses their so practical with such a modern and edgy twist based on the shaping, size and effects that Manish brought to them.

I love the dropping chains and the light yet so very explosive details on the top.

Talk about structure! Those tights on the model on the right are wow.. Definitely sequence and then the shoulder padded body/vest thingy!! Very Very interesting but still so fashionable!

I love the details on the dress to the left and the outfit mainly the pants to the model on the right are amazing! I love how the volume decreases as you go down.. When designers do that it just makes me go nuts haha i love to see a over-exaggerated waist and somewhat harem style going on!