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Friday, October 9, 2009

Louis Vuitton - Spring/Summer 2010 - Womens Wear - UPDATED

"about travelers—the movement that came after punk. Then we were thinking about hiking, trekking, and then denim and parkas—city utilitarianism."

- Marc Jacobs

There were afros, layers, over the shoulders, crazy prints & patterns, alot of structure and a bit less waist, light & tainted colors and thats a show!.. I rarely can find something I DONT like about what I post on my blog, and when Louis Vuitton did there show I was automatically assuming I would love, love, LOVE it..Unfortunately I found myself not hating it but not be-friending it... To me this collection was like a frenemy...LMFAOO.. You don't really find yourself liking it but theres some things that will end up coming in handy.. LOL.. I found a couple things that I really like though..

I loved the jacket on the left and dress on the right.. The jacket to me should be like the signature piece of the collection.. Once I saw it I thought Balenciaga toned motha effin down lol.. I think what I really find myself liking the most about it is the feminine masculinity it carries.. There's something the broad and grandness of it that I find really appealing to the extent that I would even rock it! loll..
The dress is another favorite piece of mind in this collection.. I love the details on the hips and how it transfers from a more fitted dress until you hit the bust where it expands and gives a woman that more curvy feeling.

For me, the jacket and just the entire look on the left screams Louis Vuitton, that is the outfit I can see all over the campaigns, on the main page of all the magazines & advertisements. On the right is something a little fresh and new which I strongly believe will appeal to a younger demographic because of it's fun and flirty stance in the collection.. Great pieces..

CLICK HERE to catch the closing walk of the runway show