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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lady GaGa - MONSTERRR !!

The reason i wake up every morning.
The reason i write music every day.
The reason i enjoy being myself.
The reason i love fashion.
The reason i am obsessed.

9 -:

Remy said...

the reason i am happy. the reason i dont let people talk down to me. the reason i have fun. the reason i can feel free, the reason i can BE free. the reason i love her....thats why =]

Strutt said...

ahh .. GaGa.. she makes our lives.. and so many other peoples!! haha i love gaga

Claire said...

One word.

haha i love her!

Krissy said...

Girl is a genius. Enough said. I wrote a big GaGa love-gush post a little while ago. Love her so much.

Strutt said...

love this womann

Raez said...

HAHA! willlllld. love this lady:)

xx raez

Eden said...

ahhh! i love her!

Strutt said...

welcome to my world people haha!!
i obsess 24/7!

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