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Sunday, October 11, 2009

John Galliano - Spring 2010 - Women of A Vintage Hollywood

After an hour due to a postponed show, a hot-headed Carine Roitfield finally got that water and spot for the John Galliano show.. Which was definitely worth the wait.

Beautiful layers underneath, above, around and just everywhere, all the colors, the layers, the dynamics and the features beautiful chiffon with more chiffon and more and more.. John Galliano always knows how to make it POP, and that is why he has a lasting spot in my heart along McQueen, and other amazing designers.

I love how its not just the beautiful color, textiles, prints or fabric..
It's all of them and more fused and formed to make something special, unique and yet workable with everyday life.

I love to see the layers of chiffon and the transparency and then colors between them. I feel it adds such a mix and matchy look and a successful one in that.

I loved to see the detailing straight from top to bottom wether it be the embroidery, accents and beading down to the fabric twists, turns and techniques i loved it all.. John Galliano never, ever, never ceases to amaze me.. One of my dreams are to be invited to one of his shows.