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Friday, October 9, 2009

Herve Leger by Max Azria - Spring 2010 RTW

One of my most favourite womens line's has definitely got to be the infamous & well minded Herve Leger. I want to emphasize on the infamous & well minded because no matter what they always manage to keep the slim & slender silhouette and concept but always, always, always manage to magically change it up.. I find it like one of those Neutrogena or whatever commercials when Vanessa Hudgens throws the water in her face.. REFRESHING to see new colors, styles, combinations, embroidery, bandaging, patterns & cut-out's on as the collection makes it's way down the runway.

I loved the beautiful colors used, the washy feeling was vivid here and I think added a great element especially in the blue to the bathing suit.

Denim :o? I never thought id see the day.. Well obviously I expected something unique and I guess this was it! I love this! To date, I have never seen Herve Leger and denim intertwined. Usually denim doesn't really fit the picture for a fitted bandage dress with a tight silhouette & intricate braiding, crossing and thin layering but it managed to be amazingly done here. It's really exciting to see a beautiful step away from a beautiful box. Usually when i think denim dresses, cock-tail, tube, pencil or whatever it may be I think bulky and stiff.. Here with Herve Leger I didn't even think that until I wrote it just now! Amazing.

I drowned myself in mildly explicit thoughts of beautiful women in this gorgeous cut out dress. In other words I love it! You would automatically assume that too many cuts, slits, openings would automatically transfer to a scandalous and promiscuous look & appeal to the dress,but not at all.. I felt that it added a sense of poise, control & confidence to the collection. Seeing beauty with no extent is more beautiful then beauty itself.. I also love these little denim jackets that are in the collection, they really help add an extra sense of attitude to this collection I know these dresses have been worn to weddings & galas, but with that jacket, all of a sudden I feel the embrace of a New York socialista getting ready to knock her heels against the pavement.

For me, this has got to be yet another first with Herve Leger.. Flowy, nudes & a release from the body? These are not my favorite pieces from the collection but I still find them to have a more subtle beauty to them & although they may be off of the normal design you can still acknowledge that they are Herve Leger which is great!

I really enjoy seeing intensive designs on pieces that could be flawless just on their own, it shows the creative expertise that can be accomplished by the designer.

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Claire said...

Such a gorgeous collection.
And the denim works a treat. I love the simple shapes and how he always sticks to the same silhouette, but manages to rework and change it up every season.

Dea said...

oh nice!!!!!!!! I just found your blog and it´s amazing!!!! I lovelovelove it! It´s going on my "must read"-list. And thank you very much for the inspiration that your blog just gave me :)

coco said...

I love the soft colours, very pretty.

the style spotter said...

obsessed with hervé. incredible collection!


beinglovingdoing said...

Love the collection. I have always been amazed how those pityless dresses fit everyone even those who musn't wear this kind of dresses


FSHN WHRE said...

herve leger is amazing!

Remas Haytham said...

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