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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The City - Whtney Port

I've finally got my opporunity to watch The City.. i missed it premiere night due to some un-necessasary partying lol but i got to watch it .. & I LOVE IT... There may not be as serious of drama like the girls in the hills.. But as you all probably know i have some big obsession with New York, so anything to do with that city wins my heart over x109175385 !! lol.. & the fact that its Whitney haha.. even the music they play in The City is better then The Hills (i find) lol.. I cannot wait to see whats going on where and find out some new hotspots for me to check out when i go to NY..

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Louisa said...

I am absolutely in love with this show too!
I just can't stand Roxy...

Strutt said...

yeah roxy seemed to take a bit of advantage over Whitney which wasnt cool! I can't wait to see what happenes with her clothing line & Bergdoorf Goodmans though!

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