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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chanel - Spring 2010

Rihanna & Prince :O..First off let me say i that i love to see the stars at shows!! & what they are wearing, how they look, their hair, there shoes, accessories.. whatever it may be haha..

Anyways, back to Chanel Spring 2010!
Yesterday, The Grand Palais was transformed
from a beautiful pallet of art into a barn... lol

The Chanel show was very alive. With beautiful fabrics & designs.. Soft, soft colors & simple yet clutching patterns. It was close and traditional which is the way people like their Chanel.. They like it to be known that they are wearing by basic identifiers. I love the lines used by gathering&ruffling the fabric.. I find that the fact that they didn't just put a black piece of fabric and called it a day where the gathering is made the outfit so much more softer.

I want to emphasize on how beautiful these colors are.. I know its hard to capture a good base color via photography but from what i get its just a pretty light light blush that looks good whatever the material be, or the pattern/design of the fabric.

I love to see the like "OFFICIAL" black & white Chanel pieces... to me, they are the most beautiful haha like this dress on the right i utterly love it from top to bottom.. I love the jacket, its detailing and how it sits on the dress & how the belt makes the perfect silhouette for the outfit... Uncle Karl did me proud! lol

I dont know why, but i find it so..REFRESHING when i see clothing that is transferred between men and women, the same style, color.. you get it the exact same thing, except it is pretty much unisex.. althought it is a different size and cut, the piece is so versatile that i can be transferred between both genders which (that kind of style) tends to fall behind with high end clothing lines (i find)... You find houses like Louis V, Gucci & etc keeping mens & womens look in the same sense of style but you rarely ever see clothing exactly the same to accommodate both genders.

Another thing i found myself found of was the non-existence of the exaggerated shoulder on the traditional looks.. Chanel & Karl stayed true to the line and its traditional form fitting suit look with obviously the beautiful gathering and details. I found that to be quite relieving, i kind of anticipated something along the lines of a more modern day chanel suit (common who wouldnt!!!) but i love the classy woman at hand..

With the more exclusive (i would assume) looks & pieces i found a couple exxagerated shoulders!! But he played it well, and the colors & design are beautiful.. The bubble & details on the dress to the right are very in sync with the piece i couldn't imagine it as a drape dress or anything else; it all works so perfectly..

6 -:

Fashionista* said...

i love the unisex clothes.. that guy looks amazing!

Strutt said...

haha i know!!! unisexxx fo'LYFE hahaha

beinglovingdoing said...

Love the matching outfits for ladies and gentlemen. The total look from hair to toes is a good joke to play at least once.



i dont find myself being a fan of this seasons collection

C said...

i'm loving the catwalk.nice scenery.


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