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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Burberry Prorsum - Spring 2010 RTW

It was a celebrity studded event at the 2010 Spring Burberry Prorsum show during this seasons London Fashion Week. Beautiful pastels, draped tulle, & a modern and (lesser) age appealing twist on the legendary Burberry trench coat were at their liveliest for the seasons collection. Eyes must of been locked on this GORGEUS collection as the models with almost as much attitude as the clothes strutted their stuff down the runway.

Beautiful nude, camel & tan pastel beautifully draped mini dresses accompanied by a beautifully structured jacket with the most perfect pop of exaggeration on the shoulders.. I love that Burberry has taken in the military look for the jackets it fits the collection and the attitude of it so perfectly.

Beautiful twists & elegant turns accompanied beautiful fabrics & colors when designing such beautiful dresses, skirts & tops. I love the colors

This had to be one of the biggest things for me! The modernized trench coat's in full effect even as a miniskirt! Just everything about this is gorges form captivates my fashion soul.The continuous exaggeration of the shoulders to The angle of the zipper and the detailing from top to bottom whether it be the rouging & bunching or the layer of tulle love the bunching & exxageration of the sleeves and shoulders on the pink/blush trench, and then I love the tight drapery of the bottoms and the detailing. I love the button colors against the color of the trench itself & i love the collars & shoulders.. You classy militant!

Even the tights were exquisite! The detailing, the colors, the shines and fabric.. The techniques used on some of the tights are just amazing!! I can't get over the pair in the middle they are actually something to fallin love with!! And they are the perfect color.

And hats down to the gentlemen. I think i found a couple new items to cry for & add to my wishlist haha!! Look at the tops the jacket & under the blazer! I love it, its a twist on the womens side of the collection but from what i can see its just so beautiful, from the color to the cut & even the length. I find myself liking alot of things i see now-a-days but then when i see the length of the cardigan, shirt or sweater i get dis-com-bob-u-lated and end up hating it because its either to plain, boring, to short, to long, or to boxy at the bototm. I like a drapy, fitted, style with a very interesting and unique twist to it, either i have to do it myself or layer something but thank god because Burberry Prorsum, you have accomplished that! & the Trench coat's are amazing! I would like something a bit more snug at the waist though. Thats just me though overall its bombbbbb

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Laura PP said...

Burberry is beautiful!

MalibuMara said...

i love your blog i followed you!
thanks for comming by mine :D

Pina Colada Kisses said...

Love this brand great write up
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This collection is GORGEOUS!
Love the mini dresses =)

Your blog is so nice!

Strutt said...

Thanks Guys :D



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