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Friday, September 25, 2009

Trend Watch: FUR !!

For the past couple of weeks now i've been observing my mothers behavior. And my mother is usually always above and beyond the trends, well hey she owns one of the BEST dress stores in Toronto and probably CANADA for all we know.

Anyways, we've been looking at jackets and fur is really coming back in specifics J.Mendel Fall 2009 collection all the mink, fox & what not.. Its sad, but come on it was already dead! (from what i know, don't cut my head off ppl..)

Anyways the lines, the cuts of the jacket, the styles and the a couple of the double brested & vests are actually ridiculously cute!

(images viaStyle.Com)

The waist length black on white one
is my favorite
with that little collar curl swag going on!!

ANYWAYS..Fur is coming back with a vengeance. There are those who have stayed loyal to it all these years whether it be on your hat, on your boots (with the furrr), or wherever it may be.. And then there are those who have frowned upon it, and there are those who left it in their closets or basements for there little 10 year old son to try on while no ones home.. SO SAD.. But today fur is taking over slowly but surely you will start seeing what once was thought of as a pimp daddy coat to rule the streets from here to New York, over at Milan and then down to Paris! Check out some of these great looks

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