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Friday, September 25, 2009

Rick Owens F/W 09

Rick, Rick Rick!! You did another amazing job with your collection for A/W 09..

What i find myself grasping the most about Rick's collection is the level of avant garde-ish-ness with his looks. When i look at his stuff i see such a unique balance of fabric & levels. Nothing ever looks to clunky or thrown on; he always manages to have a good flow with his designs even if hes putting a 6 foot cape starting over the shoulders and going double breasted over your chest on you.

Another thing im finding myself loving are the bell bottom pants, now im a firm & religious skinny jean wearer but who knew a little flare could look this good.. I was gonna call them boot cut but then i realized NOO lol.. Overall Rick did a great job in managing to make pretty much 2 base colors not look the same and give unique twists and style with his avante gard taste. Oh and did you see the shoes?

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