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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ndeur Shoes & Art: Like Something You Have Never Seen

Ok a few months ago i found this French designer (who now Canadian based) & artist named Mathieu Missiaen over myspace and fell in love (with his work lol), and now his art has been found on such sites as Kanye Universecity.. Its so great when you see people's journey.

Ndeur Art is amazing because its so .. wow i just dont know how to explain its like something youve imagined but never thought would come true.. COMING TRUE!! The very avant garde with such beautiful colors & great dynamics of his shoes & art are amazing! 3-Dimensional shapes have honestly never looks this good.. Its so incredible how simple and clean cut it all looks when it is such an interesting thing to look at! I got to stop talking and start showing you guys what im talking about! Check this out..

And get ready, because not only do they make shoes they have designed & created this AMAZING accesory that just blows my mind!

Here is Matthieu's contemporary, modern & disgustingly creative art! All the origami objects are individually placed amongst the objects! How insane is that!!

(images via http://www.ndeur.com/)

I dont know about you guys but i can not wait until i get the opporunity to walk into a room like that, im just in a daze, gazing over this mans work i think it is just utterly amazing.. I actually love everything about it, the concept, the colors, the ideas, the art, the life, the everything he has done i love..
We DEFINITELY have to get an interview with this guy!

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Anonymous said...

these are amazing! they kind of remind me of Kaws

Samantha said...


PS: Exchange links? :)

Anonymous said...

wow these are insanly amazing!

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