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Friday, September 25, 2009

Mightnight Riders - Hellz Fall 2009

It dosent get any better then over-dramatized versions of harem/drop crotch pants! furry coats and Black, pewter gray and grenadine red make up multiplied by marc jacob 2010 collection models!

the collection is bringing back the past with the iconic flick from the 80's 'Mad Max' and emphasizing on the darkness and the themes.

The silhouttes of Hellz's clothin are amazing. I especially love the little accent of the racoon tail a couple looks up! Its a very edgy, modern look and gets the point firmly across the runway, sidewalk, nightclub, or wherever it may be you where the clothing.

The shades are amazing! They look like some soart of snake skin (i know impossible) blah blah blah.. But like just the texture or the print of the actual shades of the glasses is just so cool, not to mention the shape it reminds of something that i saw once linked through on a lady gaga blog post..

The prints and material are another defeinite plus, the choices are so unique and for what it is colorful. Even if its black it will pick up the light and still SPARKLE IN YO EYE BIATCH.. The red top above is serious love.. I love the construction the cut and the zipper!! i wonder where that goes..lol

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