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Friday, September 25, 2009

LookLet Look's Styled By Me !!

I styled this look today on Looklet and i think i did a pretty good job. I love the layers throughout the outfit. The different materials, fabrics and textures give the look different levels. I love the silhouette the best, even with the big collar & scarf on the model she still looks great. The shoes and tight are so hot to!

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(style your own look to @ Looklet.com)

This is another one i did for the contest their having; style the button up shirt london style this is my best bet! Hopefully it makes it, im gonna do a couple more see how it goes but this is it!

i would defienitly have to say that the layers and tones defeinitly make this outfit work! And the hint of Pink by Jimmy Choo (clutch) add a little spice & flavour to the london school girl gone bad look!

Ok.. im addicted!! heres another i just did right now!! This is another London Girl entry..

What i love the most about this look is the layering i did of the scarves, i could see that happening alot more often especially with the cold air coming through!! A tube scarf with a wrap scarf could add up to do some heavy fashionable damage!! And in this case, damage is a good thing!!

OK.. ok.. i know.. but honestly.. here another one lol !!

Lmfao ok, i couldnt resist!! Heres another one that i just finished.. Not really what i usually do more of a summer look but whatever... The flowy, creams & powders are a beautiful affair in this outfit!

Heres another great look i did.. LMFAO i know im so obsessed haha, but yes, this is something that you'd probably see a girl showing up to fashion week wearing, bright but toned.. Its a great look & everything works together!

Here a new one!!

More London girls

a couture stylized look i made.

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T said...

This is amazing!!

I thought it was real at first, then i checked the webbie lolz


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