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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jean Paul Gaultier - 2010 - Spring Menswear

The Lines, The Stripes, The Colors.
The package of this collection is amazing!
Where can i get me some of that?

^ attention to detail.. Well not super fine detail but look at the tip of the tie! that is so amazing. And i love how the House Of JPG has slit the ends of the pants. Gives it a very urban/euro feel if you ask me.

^this by far is my most favorite thing that i've seen for this collection i dont want to single any article out so ill say this.. Everything about this outfit is amazing from the cut & material of the pants to the lining of the blazer & not to mention that cardigan (color) is fire!!.. Oh & the scarf is amazing to!

^ the weirdest thing.. Is that i saw a jacket exactly like this at Value Village for $4.50 a few months ago when i was vintage shopping, my friend said it was hideous i said it was fierce.. & now i guess JPG got to it before i had the chance to reconcile with my indecision... In all this is a great jacket!

^ i find these three looks interesting because it seems.. Well it dosent seem its taking place and is happening right there but Manly Tube Tops.. hmmmm who would of thought

SEQUENCE !!!!... & than ^this blazer on the right. oh Wow.. The lapels look as if this model is just ready to attack!! Personally i Love this jacket and would love it even more if it was more cut off and meet me at my wasite as oppose to just above the thigh.

The irony of this is killing me!

Out of about 50 looks these are my favourite

3 -:

Devin said...

i agree with you that blazer is HAWTTT but it would be so much hawtter if it were at the waist

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