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Friday, September 25, 2009

Interview - With JUJIIN BENTLEY - avante gard fashionaire

Meet Jujiin Bently S. a super +HYPE photographer, stylist, blogger, pretty much model (have you seen his pictures) and supreme well-dressed elite alumni!!

As i gazed through Jujiin's pictures on lookbook alot of emotions came to mind.. Mainly envy. oh and that he is rocking a SatisFashion trend.. (Tights+Men)!! Jujiin is definitely one of those best dressed people with all the right things to make their style pop. He had some things at his disposal that i never even imagined! And his looks were just way to amazing making us cringe and give our "WTF!!&^'s... SO it was only right that we got a hold of him and asked him some questions !!

Interview !!!:

1. Who is your favorite designer?
I can't name just one. Martin Margiela, Tatsuro Horikawa, Damir Doma, Raf Simons, Gareth Pugh, Boris Bidjan Saberi, Rick Owens, Geof Gonzales, Gian Romano. I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting some.

2. What is your favorite piece from your favorite designer, whether it be pants, jeans, sunglasses, a hat, shoes, etc?
I guess that would be the MMM L'incognito sunglasses. If I could wear it everyday, I would but I don't want people to think that's the only sunglasses I own, haha!

3. When did you first pick up FASHION? When did you start dressing stylish, looking stylish and walking & talking the part?
I was a fat kid. Quiet and shy and timid, all the works. The only outlet I found most comfortable in expressing myself (and to get attention) is by dressing up.

4. I see that you are from Makati which is in the Phillipines. From what i know Makati is noted for its highly cosmopolitan culture and is also known for pretty much being the center of attention in Manilla. With all of the life do you find you get alot of inspiration with your clothing, style & persona? Or does the city not really help, and the media is the sole provider of who you are today?
I usually get inspired by my favorite people like Panos Yiapanis, Nicola Formichetti, Hedi Slimane, Anna Piaggi and the late Isabella Blow. Manila isn't really a stylish city but I do get fashion hardons when I see homeless people in overly layered tattered clothes and construction workers.

5. When i go through your looks & see all of your style (which is utterly amazing) i wonder where you manage to get all these amazing pieces like the Bernhard Willhelm Mask, or the Adidas x Jeremy Scott wing sneakers. Here in Toronto i would have to hustle like a maniac for those things! How do you manage to find all the great pieces!?
Sparkling luck! When you want something that hardcore, you'll get it eventually. Trust your wanting and the universe.

6. In some of your more avant garde photos on your lookbook account like The Silnce where do you get the idea to construct these outfits, pose and perform in front of the camera the way you do, the lighting, the theme and the image as we know all add up, and in your case it comes to a very good equivalent.
When there's a an event here in Manila, I'd let headache caused by I-don't-know-what-to-wear stay in my head till that lightbulb moment. I'd turn my room upside down, ransack my closets and even destroy a lamp to materialize a look. As for the photos, I'm a photographer so I know the whole shebang.

7. Is fashion a lifestyle or a Ego-Act for you? When i say ego-act it does not mean anything negative, i ask in the sense that, do you turn to fashion when your lonely to comfort you and make you feel like someone special and look like something special, or is fashion the breathe you take in once you wake up and walk right to your closet to choose what your gonna wear for the world to see that day, like every other.
It's both. I feel lifeless without style. But I don't look editorial everyday. The weather is a bitch here so when I go to the grocery I'd just put on a simple shirt, cargo shorts and flipflops. Sometimes the way I dress is an extension of my mood. It's some sort of a silent protest or celebration.

8. What is your favorite Fashion blog out there right now? Whats that one site that you go to daily to catch up with the hottest looks, etc?
jakandjil is brutal!

9. Whats the funniest thing that has ever happened to you in regards to fashion? Have you showed up to an exclusive party wearing the same thing as someone? Or have you split your pants down the seam during a fashion show? Dish it!!
The look you mentioned above, The Silence, received comments like penis, coneheads and Lady Gaga. It was actually my version of Diane Pernet.

I attended one event wearing a dress with a reflector. The dress swallowed everyone beside me in flashed photos.

Couldn't breathe, couldn't eat/drink, could hardly talk, itchy, and a famous celebrity dissing this look

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