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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall/Winter : TREND Watch

With today's unpredictable weather we have no idea whats in store for us for this fall & winter. But, what i do know is that so far on our trend watch for f/w Tube Scarves should be a huge-o-mungo hit.. Wether you wrap it around your neck your self or whatever.. Wait here's a good description!

(images via http://store.americanapparel.ca)
Also, heres some more great pictures of people rocking their tube scarves

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jay!
So I went into H&M about a month ago, and I asked them if they had any tube scarfs. They looked at me like I was mad... and said they'd never heard of them. I was quite let down... I mean they're so nice looking. I went back last weekend, not thinking anything of it, and BAM they're on the front picture. I asked about them, and they had to really look around for it. Found them - just out of the box. I'm so happy. I'm like a child.. hah
This website is going to be my new home lol

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