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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

DSquared2 - Spring 2010

Who ever thought going camping could look this good???
My FAVOURITE fashion duo Dean & Dan have done something amazing again and this time roughing it is definitely the new way to do it!!

Trucker hats, cute little jean shorts & band-aids? Who ever thought that they could look this good?.. i know i know i already used that line but i cant get over it !! Such simple ideas brought to life so vividly by these two that its like insane... I utterly love the looks from the tops to the shoes check out the wedges on the model to the right!!.

Ok im going to tell you this right now and i swear to the LORD i am not lying !! Within an hour ago is when i saw the DSquared2 Spring 2010 line both mens & womens for the first time!! And earlier today at about 11:00am i took the photo on the right!! Anything seem similar?? Waiste down?.. Its like a have a mental connection to these two because some of the things that i wear & how i rock them really reflect on their lines & how they style their models!! Thats probably why i love them so much ahaha

These are obivously hot!! You'd be mad not to wanan slip one of them on.. But that translucent jacket? Whats going on there.. Lol its like a rain coat on crack !! And maybe thats why i have a weird liking for it!

Last but not least these jeans?? Mens or womans (id probably like the fit of the womens more) these are WOW.. Dean & Dan really outdid themselves with these it really reminds me of (and im pretty sure thats the point) of when your fishing and you have to wear those leather leggings that are like a form of un-sexy-fisherman lingerie lmao !! But they are fierce !! Thanks to Geeki Girl Anita for this one !!