Monday, April 13, 2015

#MUSICMONDAY: The Weeknd - Earned It

O.k. so yeah, I bought the song when it first came out and was like into it, but not obsessed like how I normally get (#WeFoundLove) - Anyways, I finally got around to watching 50 Shades Of Grey, last week and was completely in love with the movie.. Well by the movie, I obviously really mean, Christian Grey. I am obsessed. Just fucked up my entire standard game, now you have to literally just be him ������ lol #CanILive!?!? - So I was watching the movie and was totally all hot and bothered gagging because like I am literally Anastasia Steele, I'm shy, innocent, love to drunk dial cute boys LMAO!!1 But in the movie when I heard this song drop, I was just like OH YASS BABY YASSS!! Let me let you onto a little secret I have been listening to the instrumental of this song while I have started reading the second book '50 Shades Darker'.... But seriously since that moment that this song played, along with the crazy in love and haunted remixes from Beyonce, I have been #LEGITERALLY hooked - Oh yeah, LEGITERALLY is a new word I accidentally word vomited up during New York Fashion Week that ended up working its way into my every day haha! -- Back on track, yes, so.. I loved the movie, love Christian Grey and love this song! ENJOY!! Xo

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

BEAUFILLE Fall/Winter 2015

It's with absolute and undeniable pride and surety, that I can fully state that this is by far one of my favorite Canadian based RTW collections I have ever seen.. It is real, real, cool, it's fashion and it's ready to wear. It is the definition of style and it's is something that needs to make it's way to New York, London or Paris VVVVVVVVVVVVERY soon!! I love the fluidity and softness of the collection but also the rough-around-the-edges vibe it undoubtedly makes you feel... The heavy strength behind the jackets, coats and vests but then the sharp and light lines that accompany the dresses, blouses, etc. And can't forget the accessories, from the leather goods to the dainty but punctual jewelry. I love it all... I am sickly obsessed with the crop military-esque black leather jacket (above) and can't wait to harass Chloe & Parris (the designers behind the label) to wear it one day haha!! I am so proud of my friends!! Congrats on an amazing collection guys!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

TODAY I'm thinking about

Not only about how cute this outfit is, that's the obvious. But how much I can't wait until it's officially Spring so I can start rocking these colors. This is literally the color-palette for Spring/Summer I am going for. Grey and jeans exclusively, army/khaki/camo-green coats and black leather jackets, and any neutral color t-shirt/tank top.. #TheEseentialsForSpring lol.. That being said, the one place I will be going to capture all my needs will definitely be SHOPBOP! Right now they are having a sale for 25% off everything with the code SPRING25. That is correct, until April 10th on Shopbop and until April 12th get 25% off all your orders! Happy shopping!!

Monday, April 6, 2015

In Season: Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh 'Nebraska'

If I must say, one womenswear designer that has undeniably stuck out to me.. Not even stuck out, we are beyond that right now.. I would say, sky-rocketed if not meteorically risen in the ranks has to be OFF-WHITE c/o Virgil Abloh... Yes, I've been tagging along Virgil's moves since PYREX Vision but wasn't really a strong follower, nothing against him, I was just so caught up in the world of BALMAIN (which there is nothing wrong with) that I didn't give myself any space for new journies.. Now, enter the Spring/Summer 2015 collection for Off-White and I seriously have to say, the design aesthetic showcases not only his level of taste but strength in the industry! After winning the much deserved, LVMH Young Fashion Designer award, I can only expect to continue to see dope ass things from this brand!

Hender Scheme 'Manual Industrial Products' Collection

So my friend Jonathan Shimoni of Faded Lifestyle and I were talking about a week ago now and he asked me what I thought of some shoes. He showed me some options, one of theme being the brand Hender Scheme and their 'Manual Industrial Products' collection- I was instantly in love! The retro-classic aesthetic of these shoes are not only timeless but somehow habitually on trend!!!.. Created as adaptations of classic kicks from Jordans to Air Forces(?), aside from style - what makes these kicks SO DOPE (and pricey! The ones I want a.ka. the 'Manual Industrial Products 10 Natural' go for $1, 290CDN) is not only, the fact that they are my colour-obsession and they are all leather but they are actually HAND CRAFTED so you know the attention to detail and quality is on another level (hence the 'Manual').. Another cool-factor which I personally love is that the 'Natural' selection of the shoes patina with age, meaning they change colour, not from dirt but from wear.. They go from what you see above to a more darker, natural golden brown with wear, a true sign of luxury (see below for a visual on how they colour and some of the other styles) See more below..

#MUSICMONDAY: Jack Ü - Take Ü There

It's Monday after the extremely long weekend and you're just all like = :|.. BUT let's turn it up and drop it to some Kiesza & Missy Elliot on this track from Jack Ü (a.k.a Diplo & Skrillex) titled 'Take Ü There' - Oh like, seriously, how I miss, Missy Elliot lol!! This is definitely going to be on repeat all day!! Enjoy xx

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Some Moments via My Stay @TRUMPToronto

This past season of Toronto Fashion Week was amazing! If you followed then you really caught up with all the amazing fashion that went down! I already miss it so much!!!!! One of the main pluses of the season undoubtedly had to be my stay at The Trump Hotel, Toronto. It was a 3 day experience filled with luxury, surprise and definitely relaxation! Fromt he moment I checked in, the the straining moment I had to be peeled off the walls to check out I loved every moment of my stay! One of the highlights? Definitely had to be my hot oil massage at the Pure Beauty Spa - It was such a luxurious and relaxing experience. Kind of mysterious and dark in color tones which I personally loved... During a tour of the hotel I learned that the theme of Toronto's Trump Hotel is "Caviar & Champagne" I mean, it all made sense.. The hotel is basically loosely based off of me, light tones with heavy dark accents (my style!) - It's sweet, bubbly but known for a luxurious nature (my personality) and it's just super cool (ok, I am going to stop!! haha)..... Aside from the overall aesthetic of the venue I loved how many various types of accommodations there were. You have to go and see some of these boardrooms and event spaces! They literally look like scenes out of Gossip Girl! It's insane! From the baroque patterned carpets and curtains to the gorgeous moldings throughout the building, no detail was spared!

To learn more about The Trump Toronto visit their website at http://www.trumphotelcollection.com/toronto/

Monday, March 30, 2015

#MusicMonday: Rihanna - Bitch Better Have My Money

Last night at the iHeartRadio awards Rihanna performed her new club banger #BBHMM Bitch Better Have My Money - I purchased it a couple nights ago when it dropped and have not listening to this since.. This bad gal has been on constant repeat.. I can't wait to drop this in the club next DJ set of mine! Enjoy! XX

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mikael D Fall/Winter 2015 #CoutureOverdose

And BOOM, there he goes yet again. I say it every season, Toronto Fashion Week definitely saves the best for last! This season for Mikael D's Fall/Winter 2015 runway show he gave EVERYTHING to the runway.... Figuratively and literally, that was a gorgeous red runway if I must say so my self. I can not stress how strongly I feel about my statement that Mikael D is our most talented Canadian designer. He comes back every season to grace us with, what is, pure beauty! From the showstopping pieces to the fun sexy mini's everything undoubtedly gave us a #CoutureOverdose - Like I was literally gasping for air half the show.. On a side note! I actually can't also deny how much I love the scents from Juicy couture - I legit wore it out the last few nights (because I am a QUEEN! Get it right hunnie!!) and I felt like I had to beat everybody off with sticks lol! That being said, can't wait for more #CoutureOverdose moments and more Mikael D, more fashion week and more fun! XOJAY

Friday, March 27, 2015

Canadian Tuxedo

Watch - Guess / Jacket - BLK DNM / Jeans - Rag & Bone / Denim Jacket - GAP

Because it's Toronto Fashion Week, I thought it would be nice to entertain the idea of the Canadian tuxedo.. You know the outfit people from all around the world think Canadian's think are, I guess, well, TUXEDO's #ASif #CherVoice #Clueless - Anyways I wanted to do one my way so I did just that lol.. Naturally there would be some amount of leather involved and a pair of Dr. Martens lol!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Outside Of The Tents

Jacket - BLK DNM / Jumpsuit - Pink Tartan / Clutch - Margiela / Watch - GUESS

OU CHILD!! Toronto Fashion Week has been in full swing this week honey boo boo, let me tell you! I have been having such an amazing time, exhausting but absolutely amazing. I always say this and I will happily say it again, I LOVE the energy that comes out of the city for Toronto Fashion Week, the fun, young, stylish and absolutely exuberant ambiance that the tents bring out when they come out! For the beginning of the week I thought I would do something a little more clean and classic! I decided to rock this kyuuute jumpsuit from Pink Tartan with my signature BLK DNM biker jacket and let the accessories speak. Obviously I am so crazy and on the go so I actually brought my bottle of Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Noir perfume with me because, you know, I like to maintain an essence of scent throughout the evening and uhm YOLO! LOL!! I paired the look with my literally ratchet but never out of style Margiela clutch that has seen the ends of the earth and than some but still is always around and my new Guess Watch - I was never really a watch queen but as time progresses and I try to wear classier less "tank-ier" ensembles I try to elegant-ize it up a lil bit haha! That being said, cue the watch lol! Can't wait to share more fashion week memories with y'all! Stay tuned.

Shot by Ayze on Pentax 645z

Monday, March 23, 2015

TownShoes at Triarchy FW15 Runway Show

One of my favorite shows today at fashion week undoubtedly has to go to TRIARCHY! I loved the super chic equestrian ambiance of the whole thing. The whimsical styling and proportions to the clean and calm lines and colors in the collection. Another plus definitely has to be the infusion of the fun styles of footwear from those classic scrunchy camel knee high boots to the more structured and seek black boots! And since we're on the topic of shoes and stuff i think it's the perfect time to introduce my collaboration with Town Shoes! This Toronto Fashion Week I teamed up with Town Shoes, one of the official sponsors of Toronto Fashion Week to give one of my readers a chance to come on a little shopping trip with me! You could win a $100 giftcard and the day shopping with me this Saturday at Town Shoes!!!!!!


I discovered Doja Cat during New York Fashion Week, while I was jamming around town with my home girl Claire from Fashion Bomb Daily! The sun was setting, we was cruising and this So High came on and it was literally love at first beat. I love Doja Cat's vibe and I definitely can't wait to see her live one day! #AYODojaHookACatUp lol!!Enjoy!!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

My Haute Couture appintment with Chanel

While in New York, it is mandatory to accept the request of Chanel for their private Haute Couture appointments. There is really nothing like getting up close and personal with couture. The art that goes into couture, still to this day leaves my mind in awe. The nearly infinite hours, countless details - It really does make you look at clothes like art (if you didn’t yet). Art that not only looks beautiful but makes you feel beautiful. Every time I get to attend these Chanel appointments it not only brings me back to that magical trip and experience Chanel selected me to be a part of last year in Paris at their Métiers d’Art but it also rejuvenates my appreciation for fashion, the industry and the art that goes into it.. On that note, let's reminisce.. Miss this video!

Reminiscing - Here is the video footage I captured from that magical trip & experience I was so lucky enough to be a part of with Chanel... So many great memories from a private fitting, to the shopping center show, all the way to the outsides of Paris to the private Haute Couture ateliers where all the magic happens!! Magic!