Friday, July 31, 2015

DECODED by DIESEL - Fall/Winter 2015 Brand Campaign

Photographed by Richard Burbridge and designed and creative directed by Nicola Formichetti, Decoded by DIESEL, the new Fall/Winter campaign for 2015 combines real and raw photography with direct and transparent headlines – cutting through with a high-fashion aesthetic and unexpected genuine message. AND ALLS I KNOW IS THAT I NEED THAT SAFETY PIN DENIM JACKET!!!!!!!!! - No but honestly I love how simple and forward the campaign is! It's very get the job done and the clothes really speak.. Still obsessing over that jacket though!!!!! OMGOMGOMG

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Word On The Web: Alexander Wang is out of Balenciaga

According to a report published, Kering, Balenciaga’s parent company, has decided not to renew Wang’s contract, resulting in his Spring 2016 show being his last. Kering has not officially confirmed Wang’s departure, it is said that the search for his replacement has already begun. Citing Alessandro Michele’s critical and financial successes at Kering-owned Gucci, a source reports that the corporation is open to hiring an unknown designer at Balenciaga.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

#MyClassicMoment with @KendrickLamar & @ReebokCanada

Oh yeah, this also happened this past weekend at the WayHome music festival! Shout out to Reebok Canada/Rock-It Promotions for having me during their Reebok Classic get together with their global brand ambassador, Kendrick Lamar! It was quick and brief but definitely a cool opportunity!

Gadget of The Week: The @PhilipsNA BeardTrimmer 9000

This week, I want to share a cool new device in facial grooming and hair-care that has really grown on me since first using it last week! Enter the Philips BeardTrimmer 9000 - I was sent this cool laser device last week and upon trying it out was quite satisfied with my experience. I've never really used a beard trimmer before, I have always kept it super classic with the good ol'bladed shaver when it came to trimming any hair growth on my face but then this little gem came long and switched up the game! This the trimmer has an award winning design that features (definitely my one of the coolest features) laser light guidance that projects a sharp line of light to point out where the hairs will be cut!.. Naturally aside from using this for the face I have used this for my hair lines, from my sides to any little designs I do towards the ends of my hair.. Especially since, I have tried shaving my head myself the last couple of times (that is coming up on the blog soon) this is great for helping me with those little areas towards the back of the head when I need to get it right on the line UGH! lol... O.k. and the best part.. The people over at Philips put a LOL worthy photo of me together for me to see what i would look like with a full on beard lol!! Please continue reading for this LOL moment and some features & tech specs on the device!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Jewelry: Some Of My New Favourite Things from @weCreateLUV

If you followed me on social media this pas weekend, instagram, twitter, snapchat, etc. Then you would know I was definitely at WAYHOME music festival this weekend, glamping, turning up with Kendrick Lamar, Sam Smith, etc. That being said, before I get into all those crazy details I wanted to share this super cute new jewelry/accessories brand I discovered just in time to add a pretty little bit of shine to my festival looks! Enter, a super cute little online shop with such unique, dainty and quality conscious pieces.. I found this cute little choker style necklace and this thing gold string bracelet and this signature 'Just Luv' bangle that worked so perfectly with the rest of my gear over the weekend...

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Unboxing: The Eighth - @the8ighth

Let's see what's inside...Continue reading to see!

Public School Fall/Winter 2015 Ad Campaign

The brand who just ruled the men's fashion week in New York has dropped their newest ad-campaign for their Fall/Winter 2015 collection. Looking like a scene from a new/up-coming Matrix Movie.. 'Matrix: Public School Revolution' lol! The campaign was Shot by Greg Harris and starring Karolin Wolter and Sam Worthen. The clothes feature a 90's Voguing inspiration [YASSSS QUEEEEN!!!] so I guess that explains the thought process behind the campaign, which I must say is a far detach from what I would of expected for them, something on the street, or super clean and simple... “I guess, subconsciously, we maybe try to get away from what people may think about what Public School is,” says Maxwell Osborne, co-founder and co-creative director for Public School! Continue reading to see more from the campaign!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Never Not Wearing BLK #LeSigh

Jacket - BLK DNM 'Leather Jacket 1' / Jeans - Balmain / T-Shirt - A.P.C. / Boots - Diesel BG

I am convinced I must of bumped or been bumped in the head at a young age.. I would assume somewhere around like 6/7ish, as that is around the first time I can really recall a young Jay's first time getting in trouble for wearing all black in the blistering hot day time.. Had my mom saying "you need to wear some color" or some mom lingo.. Evidently.. Didn't listen then, still don't listen now lol.... Then in my teens, always remembering struggling with the "why does there have to be sunlight, I just want to wear black" - All the way in to my now's (I say now because no one needs to know how old I am lol.. On a questionnaire this is how it would go... How old are you!?: NOW!!! LOL!!)

Anyways... I've been getting a lot of questions online and in-person about this jacket and some other new essentials in my closet.. For seriously though, If you knew me the last couple of years you would know all I've ever done is just viciously stalk shops, online shops, vintage shops, real life shops you walk into (OOHHH, AAAAHH lol) for the perfect biker jacket.. It's been a long time coming and I literally could not be any more obsessed with this BLK DNM number I scored this year.. It's been a few months now and I could literally not imagine life without this jacket.. It's LEGITNESSSSSSS!.. - I love when I tell people I'm like it's BLK DNM they be like.. BOO BOO YOU BLIND IT'S LEATHER!?!? then I be like OH NOO BOO BOO YOU GOT IT ALL WRONG, BLK DNM IS THE BRAND HUNNIE #NowGoDoYaResearch...

photos by Ralph Astorga

Friday, July 17, 2015

Tight Addictions

Let this be a warning to you, men if you have not yet warn a pair of tights then prepare for a game changer! I am literally obsessed with running tights right now, for day-life, running around, etc. I have been rotating the same couple of pairs of Nike dry-fit running tights almost every day! Wear, wash, put the other one one, wash, get the other, etc! Now these are the only kinds of tried to date so I will keep you posted on my other findings with other brands but otherwise I'm freaking out for them lol! Needless to say, I am sure you get the just of what I am saying (I'm obsessed!).. This, is proudly, my new day time uniform lol!

#MUSIC: Sam Feldt - Show Me Love ft. Kimberly Anne

I think I found another Summer anthem guys!!!!!!!! I was having dinner with my friends at Kasa Moto last night and this song played, I was jamming to it and got more and more into it! THEN my friend Lindsay starts getting so into it, I got the bug! She said back in the UK this song was on a reality show and just blew up! I can only imagine it playing like how the songs on The Hills & The City did, this is definitely a walking out of a building after a break up song circa The Hills day lol! Oh the good old days haha!! Anyways, enjoy!!!!!