Thursday, June 23, 2016

My Beauty Essentials

Soleil De Tan Liquid Glow Fluid For Highlight
Perfection Lumiere Long Wear Fluid mixed with
Perfection Lumiere Smooth Effect Makeup For Skin
Correcteur Perfection Concealer For Eyes
Le Blanc De Chanel Illumating Base for Prep and Prime
Les Beiges Blush Stick for Sunkissed Glow
Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder For Contour

I know this is going to sound so ratchet and narcissistic but I can't even say it any other way.... Whenever I go out I am lucky enough to get so many compliments on my skin, my highlight, contour and overall beauty aesthetic... I take this to heart so deeply because growing up I had quite bad skin... Between the scarring and acne I never thought I would be proud of my skin... Then I discovered make-up.... It's funny because Chanel's Correcteur Perfection Concealer was actually one of the first pieces of make-up I ever purchased on my own and used.. I used it to hide the scars on my skin and even out my skin tone.. I also didn't know the difference between concealer, foundation, etc.. Now.. Some years later I am fortunate enough to be an ambassador for the brand on both the fashion and beauty sides which I absolutely am so humbled to be a part of... That being said.. Yes, I am an ambassador for the brand but I do undeniably use and swear by all of these products.. Make-up has become an extension of me and a coat of armour that allows me to feel like the best version of my self (aesthetically, which may be but I do not see it as being, vein...We should not be ashamed to want to feel and look our best)... To make a long story short... To all the people that have asked what I used and didn't have the opportunity to write it down or remember what I said.. Here are the quintessential essentials of my beauty regime!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Piece De Resistance 🌊🌊🌊🌊 #STRUTwithCHANEL

These just might be two of my biggest obsessions right now!! Say hello to my little friends... THE EPIC Runway Chanel Shield sunglasses which I am literally swearing by.. Because.. If you know me.. Than you know how PICKY I am with sunglasses.. These definitely are a standout frame for me!!.. And then... of course... There is... The piece de resistance.... The iconic Chanel Film Projector Camera Handbag that literally gives me the same feeling of excitement in real life as when I saw it on the runway for the Paris / Rome collection.. I thought I would pay my best personal homage to this bag and collection by wearing a strong classic dark and chic look read: my every day uniform in spirit of the Paris / Rome collection and in celebration of yet another iconic bag from the house of Chanel! I can't wait to share more of these amazing pieces with you!! I was going to do product shots first.. But I couldn't resist.. I had to give the LEWKSSSSSSS!!!

photos x George & Clarke

Monday, June 20, 2016

WE'RE in LOVE with THE COCO! 👨‍👩‍👧 DJ'ing for Coco Rocha's CO+CO at The Hudsons Bay 🎵🎶

Here are a couple little snaps of the crew! We had the honour of DJ'ing Coco Rocha's VIP launch party for her new fashion collection CO+CO founded by her and her husband James! The event was super fun, good vibes, YUMMY (what the hell were those drinks) cocktails and of course all the FASHION!!! Thanks for having us :):):)

Photos x George Pimentel

Friday, June 17, 2016


OMG GUYS IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!! I have officially moved into my own place!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even believe it myself.. I am literally just like looking around as I'm typing this an am all like WTF!? I am officially that person that like goes out to clubs and stores, events & etc.. and is like... Instead of looking at clothes or whatever is happening, I'm like... Oh damn.. Where can I get those light fixtures!? hahahaha!!!! I am also officially that person that is like a clean freak (I mean.. I was pretty clean and organized before.. but now)... I am constantly cleaning, tidying up, everything has to be in tip top form and in right in place haha!!! That being said.. One thing I can't stop doing.. IS VACUUMING lol!! I am a freak of nature... I am not just saying this.. But I actually think it's because of the fact I am totally obsessed with my new Dyson v6 Absolute Vacuum!!! YASSS!! Anyways... I am completely a home body now (kinda/not) and can NOT wait to share more, more and more of my place and all the things I will be doing with my new space!!!! <3<3<3<3

Monday, June 6, 2016

Unboxing; The Hermes Apple Watch ⌚️🍊⌚️🍊⌚️🍊⌚️🍊

Hey guys!! Happy Monday :):):):).. If you follow me on social media (instagram, twitter, snapchat, etc.) you will know that before the weekend I was lucky enough to get my hands on the new Hermes Apple Watch!! I had been using the Apple Watch since it came out but the fashion obsessed freak in me obviously wanted the Hermes edition because well.. HELLO HERMES!!!! lol!! So of course I am familiar with the device as it is still quintessentially the same…BUT.. The little differences? They are great.. I do enjoy the new little features like the ‘HERMES P A R I S’ face and well of course, the key element.. The packaging and the interchangeable straps! I have to say that Apple & Hermes, did not compensate or cut corners on any asset of this collaboration..

Friday, June 3, 2016

40 Something Moments from last night's Power Ball XVIII: Pleasure Principle

It comes once a year and is by far… THE BEST.. SUMMER KICK OFF PARTY.. IF NOT.. GENERAL PARTY OF THE YEAR in Toronto!!!!!!! Last night was the 2016 edition of The Power Plant, contemporary art galleries, POWER BALL!!!!!!! Themed Pleasure Principle.. The night brought together some of the countries most formidable artistes with some of the cities most notable partiers!!!!! AND... CAN.. I.. JUST.. SAY.. I literally swear by this party and last night was one of the reasons why..... THE ENERGY, THE ART, THE PEOPLE AND THE OUTFITS.... I.. LITERALLY.. Just have sensory overload year after year.. And the best part.. Is that every year the Power Ball continues to get better and better!! I SWEAR BY THIS THING!!!! Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending both the VIP Art performance Reception as well as the party and literally LIVED to the fullest extend lol!!! Here are some of my favourite moments captured by my guy!!! George & Clarke that capture only a pinch of the epic-ness that was last night... the best party of the year… The Power Ball..

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

🔥 🆙 IN THE 6️⃣ RIGHT NOW #ForeverFierce

DAYYYMMMMMMMMMM!!! LOL!!!!! No seriously though, it is literally HOT in Toronto right now!!!! Mother Nature decided to go straight from Winter to Summer for us this year and honestly I am not mad at it, although it might pose a bit of a problem considering the copious amounts of black that I wear regularly #LOL #FML - But in all seriousness, the city is on fire!!! There have been so many amazing events, openings and things going on that I just can not get enough of!! It gives me such a thrill to see Toronto lighting up like this!!!!!! On another note... I am extremely excited to share my second instalment of my collaboration with PUMA for the #FOREVERFIERCE social media campaign in celebration of their new Puma Fierce sneakers!!! For this theme, the grey/white Fierce kicks I decided to get on top of one of my favourite buildings in the cities and use the matching monochromatic city skyline as the backdrop for this shot!


images by George & Clarke

Monday, May 30, 2016

What I am Currently Thinking About in Fashion; Kanye West's Accessibility

I think I finally understand why Kanye makes t-shirts and sweat pants with holes & rips $500+ - He always speaks about trying to make fashion accessible and the irony is, in my eyes he absolutely is.. Fashion is not his line it's the style his line represents... He is making fashion accessible by making the look easily attainable.. His style and clothing are currently some of the most trendiest and repeated looks in existence right now and the best part is that it doesn't have logo's or crazy details like that sold in a store such as Gucci or Vuitton or of the previous trends.. His clothing and aesthetic as coveted and as desirable as it is, can easily be duplicated, replicated and re-created for just about anyone.. His style and aesthetic is considered fashion so in my opinion, that is how he is making fashion accessible.. He is aiding in removing the idea of fashion being a cult of logos and prints to, in his case, simple garments in specific sizes and proportions, giving everyone who appreciates his aesthetic the opportunity to participate.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

NY DIARIES; Met Gala After-Party, Balmain NYC Opening & ETC.

What a crazy week! From the Met-Gala afterparties at Gilded Lilly and then at UP & Down which was literally like BA-NANA’s.. I nearly had conniption over how much GLAM was going on at Up & Down after the Met-Gala… Seriously… What else.. AN amazing little trip up to Madison Hermes, which I haven’t been to in so long because for some reason I never make it past 30th in NY lol!… To the Balmain NYC boutique store opening which was so chic and cool ”Hey Olivier!!!”… TO that all leather Balmain jumpsuit that I literally just can't get enough of right now!! SLAYY MAAMAAAA SLAAAAAY!!!!!! Just a seriously crazy, fun, productive, exquisite week... And here.. is literally what images/clips I captured from the trip... You know what I say!! Sometimes you must be having REAL authentic fun if you don't have a lot of pictures to document the night!!! That being said.......... Enjoy! XOjay