Monday, August 29, 2016

@BestBuyCanada Rocks Dundas Square with Wearable Tech Fashion Show!

If you guys have been reading my blog and/or following me on social media for some time now then you know HOW MUCH of a little GEEK I am when it comes to technology! I have been and continue to be fortunate enough to work with some absolutely insanely amazing tech brands and when I get to see new products and technology it just gets me so excited!! As you can imagine.. When the wearable tech trend started becoming a 'thing' I was so excited because of how I have always loved combining fashion and technology.... A couple days ago I had the pleasure of attending Best Buy's second annual Wearable Tech Expo and fashion show where tech pro's and style mavens came together to showcase just how wearable, wearable tech really is. Stylist Afiya Francisco and wearable expert, Tom Emrich, did an exceptional job at pairing, sharing and showcasing just how simple and quite fluid it is to incorporate and integrate wearable technology into every day life & style choices... Learning that one of the most popular and most easily integrate-able pieces on the market right now is the smart watch made total sense. As time has progressed, they have been getting more and more stylish and personable.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

BEAUTY; Announcing #MACTaraji

Yes you are reading right! Miss Queen of the Empire, Taraji P. Henson is the newest face to collaborate with MAC cosmetics and you already know I am posting this because I saw that eyeshadow and was like YASSSS QUEEEEEEN!!!! Can't wait for this! Read the full press release and see the products below!

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Jacket - COS / Shoes - PUMA FIERCE / Pants - Atelier Guarin / Sunglasses - Chloe

It's been... Quite.. Quite a while since I've worn an all white outfit... Quite, quite some time.... And if you know me... You damn well sho' can tell that I very very veery rarely do this.. I think I've only ever done it once before.. So I am so glad I could do this again for one of my favourite collaborations... For the third instalment of my #ForeverFierce #STRUTyourFierce, Puma, campaign and collaboration we are showcasing the Gold/White colour way Puma Fierce sneaker. I wanted to do something that involved movement vs some capacity of serenity so we made a jaunt up to some foreign territory in the city that I have not yet visited, the very very beautiful Aga Khan museum...

Photos by Brett Clarke

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Oh how ever do I carry on here.... And how much do I miss the nothingness accompanied by the sounds of the water splashing against the pool and the wind kissing the greenery creating that beautiful sound..... I literally just made a poem or a haiku or whatever about HOW much I miss The Hamptons!!!! I had such a wonderful stay and it was great to have some good quality family time even though I almost went insane come day 7 lol!! Regardless, it's crazy how calm, peaceful and serene everything is when in The Hamptons.. Definitely can not wait to go back!!! Xx

Monday, August 8, 2016

In The 🍎

flannel - Levi's / denim - Diesel / sunglasses - Cutler & Gross

So after our week and some days in The Hamptons (which I still of course have to share) we decided to head down to New York for a night before heading back home! Prior to heading to NY we did some shopping and I found two things I have now not stopped being obsessed with! First, is without a doubt this Levi's flannel that literally gives me Saint Laurent proportion shivers (a few people actually asked me if it were Saint Laurent) and I was like! LOL NOPE!!! Paid about a thousandth of the price and looking just as good haha!! And then there is this Prada moment that... No.. Can we please just take a few seconds to inhale, exhale and give our YASSSSSESSSSSSS!!!! Can't wait to give this a full lewk for the Couture shows in January!!!!

Friday, August 5, 2016

SHOEGASM; Yeezy Season 2 Knit Boots

In my head.. I'm just all like.. Would I??... Could I...???.. Wait... Should I!?.... I mean I am already at 2.5/3 inches in my ankle boots that I regularly wear so what's another couple of inches right? I love everything about these Yeezy Season 2 Green Knit Boots.. From the dark shade of green to the arch of the heel to that pointy pointy toe.. Definitely a must have!!!!

[[get them here]]

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

An Afternoon with Emirates ✈️✈️✈️

Made to remodel the iconic business class cabin, the top rated luxury airline company, Emirates hosted an intimate group for a beautiful afternoon of tennis at this years Rogers Cup! I had the pleasure of attending and getting a (quite literally) first class experience from the hospitable Emirates team.. The afternoon included luxury dining, delicious cocktails, the coveted Emirates business & first class cabin stuarts and of course, some good rounds of Tennis all at a tennis arena here in Toronto!! I can only imagine what the real experience in the air is like after this!!! Thank you for the lovely afternoon! Continue reading for a couple more pics!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


So the other day I had a lovely package come in the mail from NARS! Up until this package arrived I have never worn any Nars products so I am super excited to try out all these beautiful bronzers, concealers and lip colours and especially excited to realllllly teach my self how to use the brushes!! I have never really used brushed for my face before and I technically only started using a beauty blender because my girl Jen put me on them otherwise I still would of been that girl using my fingers lol!!!! In all sincerity (Ramona Singer voice)... I CAN'T wait to get the work with all these goodies!! Stay tuned!!!!

Monday, July 25, 2016

In The Press; On The Cover of the Globe & Mail 'Globe Style' Section!

Since starting my blog I have been so fortunate to receive some really great press, and of course, I've received some not so great but HEY! You know what they say.. All press is good press (in most cases).... Last month I had an amazing interview with The Globe & Mail.. Which I would say is like the Canadian version of like the New York Times or Washington Post... We had a great conversation about the topic of the 'influencer' industry.. Fast forward to this past weekend and you can only imagine the shock I experienced when I saw that I had the honour of being on the cover of the STYLE section for the weekend edition of the paper.. What I thought, was going to be a few little quotes in an article turned out to be an excellent source of dialogue about a topic I am very passionate about and not to mention a good ol' cover! I am still in awe of this amazing opportunity and am definitely crazy appreciative! Thank you G&M!
Read the full article here


It was an evening to be greeted by open bars, futuristic art installations and a room full of amazing Canadian Influencers to kick off Rogers Cup and celebrate National Bank’s partnership with Tennis Canada... Thank for National Bank of Canada for inviting me out to enjoy a night of good music, good people and those chic tennis outfits that the hostess were wearing. I NEED THEM! Let me tell you, everything from that night was definitely snapchat worthy! Alt Court was a night to reinterpret the game of tennis and bring together the new generation. It was THE night to remember