Monday, April 14, 2014

Crystals & Pearls Till' The Death Of Me

Over two years later and you just can't stop it. Olivier Rousteing's Fall/Winter 2012 collection for Balmain, is by far one of the most iconic ready to wear collections of our generation. The hand embellished crystal and pearl adorned collection is without a doubt what it is. Astounding. I had the opportunity to acquire a couple of iconic runway pieces from this collection which if you follow me you are sure to see throughout my blogging journey. These are pieces that are not only beyond breath-taking but timeless and in some senses other worldly. You can only imagine my excitement when recently seeing Kim strutting her stuff down Rue François in this beautiful dress along side Olivier and Kanye! STYLE MOMENT FOR THE BOOKS and again, two years later! #CANTSTOPWONTSTOP

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Keep It Going

Has it already been an ever so crazy year!? And what the heck!? We are only 4 months in as of a couple days ago! This is insane and I am loving every second of it! Here are is an amazing photo by the talented Barbora Simek from a couple weeks ago during Toronto Fashion Week, which, as you may have followed, was quite the experience! From producing a major show #OFF-SITE-SHOW-LIFE to some of the best events and shows I have seen ever during Toronto Fashion Week! It was a great week in the city. Now it's time to prepare for Spring, Summer & beyonce.... I actually typed that and instead of deleting it I am just keeping it.. I meant to say... & beyond! haha!! I have some major collabs and some really exciting content all making it's way into the works so stay the hell tuned!!!!!

photography via Barbora Simek

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

inside Chanel Couture Ateliers

Words, video, images.. These things can barely capture the energy or describe the experience and feeling of travelling through the exclusive couture ateliers of the Chanel group while in Paris this past season, in March. LESAGE & LEMARIÉ, the embroidery and feather/detail specialists and coutouriers that do work not only for Chanel couture but for various other fashion houses couture collections opened their doors to us and gave us a once in a lifetime tour of, well, IT ALL... It was such an honor to be able to see the works of art we see walk down runways come to life and be hand sewed together with hours and hours of work and love going into each design. This was such an other-worldy experience and really increased my level of appreciation for fashion as an entity. The precision, patience, accuracy and overall skill that these individuals have been mastering for years, some even more then I've been living is simply astounding. I know I said that nothing besides really being there can justify the experience but please take this photos and really imagine yourself there and the feeling of seeing fashion really coming to life! Thank you for this wonderful experience and opportunity Chanel... Bisous Jay

Monday, March 24, 2014

#StrutWithChanel #StrutAvecChanel

Just when you thought the #STRUTwithCHANEL #STRUTavecCHANEL posts were over think again, there is still so much from this amazing experience.. here is a little video the talented Matt Adam put together of the experience with some footage I shot while in Paris.. The video features quick little snips of what is to come from the Ateliers, Lesage, Lemarié & Massaro as well as some of the epic Chanel Shopping Center runway show and then a little sneak of Mademoiselle Chanel's apartment! This is just a teaser of what is still to come from my experience... Discovering the world of Chanel...!! Enjoy and stay tuned!!! XOJAY

MENTHE x Le Chanel Trompe L'oeil Boy Bag

Bag - Chanel / Pants - Mugler / Boots - Dr. Martens / Coat - Just Cavalli

With Spring here but realistically not really ~I took it into my own hands to own the moment and channel some Spring vibes with a monochromatic mint-themed look. Naturally because this is out of my [all black everything] comfort zone I took it upon myself to balance the brightness with the military Just Cavalli coat that did the trick perfectly... ALSO.. Can we take a moment to pause and catch our breathe after being mesmerized by this Spring/Summer 2014 CHANEL Trompe L'oeil Boy Bag? Ain't it just somethin'?.. It's like other wordly ain't it?? I am kinda obsessed to the point I have been practically sleeping with it... BUTT In further news please please please forgive me for the big lack of posting since getting back to Canada from Europe. As I always say/you can imagine the madness didn't stop when I got back from travelling the last 3 months for men's, haute-couture & women's fashion weeks in America & Europe. Once I landed is was go go go as it was also Toronto Fashion Week here in the city and I was part of the very small team producing and executing the biggest, if not most important fashion show of the week. It was beyond anything I could of ever expected and really pushed me to all my limits, needless to say,I came, I saw, I twerked, I worked and long behold... I conquered and am really proud of everyone who was part of this journey, and I am pretty damn honored myself to of been able to be part of something so ground breaking in Toronto. Anyways I have some exciting and chic posts coming up in the next few days so stay tuned okay!? XOJAY...

#MUSIC: July Child - When You Call

Leave it to this boo thing, July Child - to give the perfect warm nights, spring nights, ethereal vibe tune at the perfect time of the year. This is undoubtedly going to be my Spring/Summer 2014 late night tune. And... I think it should be yours to! XOJAY

Monday, March 10, 2014

The CHANEL Fall/Winter 2014 Supermarket

The exact second that Rihanna started playing I knew it was love!~ Like something out of a whimsically chic, fantasy turned reality and not so fiction fairy tale, Karl Lagerfeld turned the Grand Palais into one of the most dreamiest and haute-est supermarket's that the world has ever and probably WILL ever see, with a collection that shantae'd it's way down the aisles equally inspiring and consuming all of us present at the show. This Fall/Winter 2014 runway show was MY VERY FIRST CHANEL SHOW and what a way to be introduced to the world of Chanel! The collection was a gorgeous and beautifully done mix and mash of colors, textures, and some of the most inventive accessories that played with the theme of the show to a T. Check out some moments I captured from my view at the CHANEL Fall/Winter 2014 runway show ..

Friday, March 7, 2014

A Fitting avec CHANEL...

So... I have a question for you.... Have you ever wondered what it is like to have enough CHANEL around you and readily available for you to play with that it made you slightly light headed!?!? Well... LISTEN UP & LOOK NO MORE HUNNIE because do I have something for you!.. I did Paris Fashion Week as a guest of Chanel for a super amazing project where 6 bloggers from around the world were selected to DISCOVER the world of CHANEL. For day 1 of my unbelievable experience with CHANEL here in Paris, I was given a tour of the new Avenue Montaigne boutiques (right across the street from each other). One boutique, number 42, is specifically made for accessories and jewelry while the other, number 51, carries the pret-a-porter, fragrance, beauty & some accessories as well. It was such a pleasure to learn about the details of the boutiques, how they vary but still stay the same and the incredible details that go into them as well, from the art (even in the elevator) to the architecture and the inspiration all thriving from Mademoiselle Chanel, herself. After this lovely tour we were escorted to the private change rooms on the top floor of 51 Avenue Montaigne where we were greeted by a humongous fitting room filled from wall to wall with EVERYTHING classic, iconic and new from Chanel. It's here where I had the chance to not only play with some of the most iconic Chanel clothing, accessories, jewelry, bags, etc. I was also lucky enough to select some pieces to wear for the show the following day.. What a dream right?!?!... And to believe, this was only day 1!!