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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Speed, Power, Exciting Features, Seamless Design; The new Apple iPhone 7+

IT's been a couple months now since I got my iPhone 7+ and after now really utilizing it and it basically becoming an extension of me, I am confident and ready to share a couple of favourite things about it! First impressions obviously had me at Hello... The overall aesthetic of the Jet Black were very captivating.. It's a sexy, sleek and seamless shell with a very alluring darkness to it.. I was torn between the matte black and the jet black but then JUST fell in love with the jet black when I saw it!!!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Apple Presents, Frankie's Holiday

Apple does it yet again! Off the highlight of last-night's Drake debut for his Apple Music commercial, Apple shares a heartwarming and I say, always needed reminder to 'Open your heart to everyone' especially during the Holiday season!! Apple reimagines the modern day Frankenstien who just wants to get in on the holiday action, using his device to share one of his favourite holiday carols.. OMG SO CUTE I CAN'T!!!! Enjoyyyy & happy holiday season!!!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Unboxing; NIKE Special Field Air Force 1's

A sneak peak at the Nike Special Field Air Force 1 Sneakers in the Olive Green vs. Gum Sole colour way.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

COVER GHOUL 💀 (Get It!?)

Read a little about this year's quick & easy Halloween make-up routine!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Some Of My Fav Looks From The COS Spring/Summer 2017 Lookbook

UBER COOL swedish style brand COS, maintains their sleek and minimal design but incorporates a utilitarian chic aspect to it all for their Spring/Summer 2017 collection.... With (for the brand at least) a spectrum of colour ranging from blues and sands to salmons and greens, the Spring Summer 2017 collection features a range of styles.. Personal favourites? I love the blue jackets, the proportions to the shade of blue is perfect, I also love the green jacket above! I think it's a great layering piece and I can just imagine it with a pair of black leather pants, my favourite boots and a black turtle neck under while I stomp through the Jardin Des Tuileries, in Paris, come January for fashion week!!


ALSO, in other COS related news, the brand has opened it's third retail location inside of Toronto's (NOW ICONIC and luxury infested mall) Yorkdale Mall!! I had the pleasure of checking out the store last week and must say it is another beautiful space by the brand!! Can't wait for many shopping excursions to the mall with COS in mind!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Luxury + Dining; Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée

I first discovered this restaurant online about a year and a half ago and was just memorized by the dream like state it left me in and more if anything the dream like state it was! I had really never seen anything quite like this before, it is magnificent to me!! Now some time later I am hitting myself on the head for being to zombified by this beautiful venue that I forgot to share... Here is the luxury dining space by Alain Ducasse in the Paris' 5 Star luxury hotel, Plaza Athénée... You know that iconic and magical hotel Carrie Bradshaw stayed at in Paris!?!? See some pics of my next MUST-GO spot when I am in Paris next!!! And maybe you are doing what I am doing, but based on how beautiful the venue is I am just assuming that the food is equally as magnificent! I am literally planning my rehearsal wedding dinner here for when I get married.. NOW.. ALL I NEED IS THE GROOM!! LOL!! You know that iconic and magical hotel Carrie Bradshaw stayed at in Paris!?!? See some pics of my next MUST-GO spot when I am in Paris next.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Art; Donald Martiny

I instantly fell in love with the work of Donald Martiny, upon coming across his work online while scrolling through some of my favourite tumblr's and websites. I love how he has taken something so practical and overlooked, being the simple stroke of a brush and turned it into it's own being and work of art, the simple curves and twists that the brushes make evoke emotion and play with light without having to do anything.... As you can imagine a Martiny piece does not come cheap with the general range starting at about £17,000 to upwards....

Monday, October 17, 2016

Amber Rose wipes out, Pharrell Conducts, Phelps and his Baby, Nicki Minaj Serving & Rebel Wilson Slapping some booty in the new Beats By Dre 'Got No Strings' Campaign

Beats has gotten another wave of the apple touch in a clever, cute, clean and fun campaign video showcasing their new rage of wireless products... 'Got No Strings', is the new global campaign from the brand showcasing all the benefits of living wirelessly. The campaign stars the all new Beatsx, Beats Solo3 Wireless, and Powerbeats3 Wireless products alongside an international cast of carefree A-listers effortlessly moving through their daily life, empowered by the new wireless line-up from Beats.

Unboxing The #Hermes Swift Leather 'Kelly Cut' Clutch with Silver Palladium Hardware

Am I ever excited to share with you the newest addition to my Hermes collection! I am still in a state of disbelief that I was able to acquire this beautiful piece so quickly and effortlessly.. As I've read and been told in the past, the Hermes Kelly Cut (the clutch version of the Hermes Kelly Bag) is one of the rarest leather bags to acquire from Hermes, mainly because it's produced in such low quantities in comparison to the (of course, iconic) Birkin & Kelly bags. From some insight that I received and overheard since inquiring about acquiring this piece, I learned that at the Madison Avenue store in Manhattan they had only received about 11 Kelly Cut bags this year so far which when you really think about it is quite crazy considering the the volume of the other products they have even including Birkin's & Kelly's. I personally fell in love with the bag quite some time ago after seeing it countless times flaunted ever so chicly by it's wearers... I made my inquiry about a month and a half ago for my dream Kelly Cut bag.. It would have to be in silver hardware and black swift leather which I thought would be so edgy, simple and chic AND of course, go perfect with my mountain of leather jackets and leather pants!!! AND fast forward a month and a half later and there it was! Exactly what I wanted (my FIERCE little dream!)... Keep scrolling below to see a few more pics of the bag being unboxed!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

From Toronto to Las Vegas with @ExpediaCa #VegasYou

I can't believe it's already been some weeks and some days since my trip to Vegas with Expedia and two of my faves Christian & Vanessa!!! It's funny because If you follow me on social media, you know that I have been to Vegas a couple times in the past and had nice times... But not like this! This was definitely and undeniably... ONE FOR THE BOOKS!!.. This time around I had the pleasure of being invited by Expedia Canada to have and create a #VegasYou experience!! What is Vegas You, you ask? It's basically a new online destination where YOU can find all things Vegas that fit YOU and YOUR needs! From planning the perfect shopping trip, to organizing the most ideal bachelorette party - All within clicks of a button... #VegasYou categorizes the hotels and destinations and then breaks down all the fab things each spot has to offer saving you sanity and of course much needed TIME that would rather be spent TURNING IT UP in VEGAS!!... BUT YAS!! Back to the trip.. I have to say I probably have NEVER laughed more in my entire life on any trip with friends like this! It was a trip of a trip lol!!