Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Naomi Campbell for Agent Provaceteur

YASSSSS..JUST YASSS to miss Naomi Campbell for just literally grabbing the moon and throwing all the shade in the world to us without having to do a damn thing except stand there.. The 44-year-young (who really just let's everyone know age is nothing but a number) gives you 'femme fatal'#REALNESS inspired by David Lynch’s Lost Highway and Brian de Palma’s 'Body Doubleas' with all that is Naomi Campbell #flawlessly as the face of the luxury lingerie line's newest campaign shot by Ellen Von Unwerth. Good on you Agent Provaceteur, good on you! Continue reading for more photos!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


tank top - ThinkReese - jeans BLANK NYC Denim - Chains Versace

YOU ALREADY KNOW.. When in South Beach do like the MIAMI...ITE'S do!! & Especially when Versace just hooked you up with their new Spring/Summer 2015 chains! #YESiKNowYouKnow lol! No matter where I go, no matter the temperature no matter the impending heat-stroke due to the fact that one is wearing Doc Marten's, full on jeans and two tank tops accompanied by some heavy gear and a gooooood ass pair of ripped jeans.. NO MATTER WHAT.. I am always committed to that all black game lol!! OH.. And the #NIPSLIP game #FREETHENIP... Almost reminds me of my first time in Vegas where I wore leather pants to walk the strip in the middle of August I believe it was #RIP... On another note, how ridiculously and intensely does this mesh 'JURUPA' tank top from THiNKREESE embody me? It literally completes me in so many weird, fishnet ways.. I can't live without it!

Friday, December 12, 2014

MIAMI 2014 PT. 1

So every year I go down to Miami at the beginning of December and the end. The beginning for the Art Basel festivities that take place throughout the city, really cool fun things go down in Miami during Art Basel so obviously I can't resist... The vibe is amazing, the people are out, the city is seriously always alive but it's on crack during Art Basel and just everything is good so obviously you know I can't resist #GoodVibes! As you can probably guess, I head to Miami at the end of December for the holiday's & etc. I love celebrating New Years in Miami, last year I had the most epic New Years with my girl Grey Nat from Grey Ant sunglasses - Started at the Fontaine Bleu for the Pharrell performance and countdown, did a couple other things #iCantRemember and then ended up at Diddy's house! #HowRandomRight? - Needless to say it was an experience so I can't wait to see what is on the table to experience this coming 3..2...1!

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Very very -NOT- often do I ever post about men's anything. Well, that's not true, when I am at Men's week I am consistently posting #MODELS - But no seriously, just in time for Art Basel, my lovely fashion family over at Versace sent me these beautiful signature Versace medusa chains direct from their Spring/Summer 2015 runway show in Milan. Not only is it such an experience to wear such recognized and amazing pieces but how cool is it when you get to rock it right from the runway #YAKNOW!?.. Bask in the glory that is the medusa! #VivaVersace #STRUTwithVERSACE [Shop VERSACE fashion jewelry here]

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Black Friday Fashion at Toronto Eaton Centre November 28th @TOEatonCentre #TOEatonCentreBFF

OK GUYS! We have less then 24 hours until the Black Friday madness hits Toronto Eaton Centre. I am so excited to really have my first ever Black Friday shopping experience and be on-site tomorrow all afternoon hanging out, tweeting my fashionable finds around the mall and connecting with a bunch of my fans and followers. That all being said, I filmed a super cute video at Toronto Eaton Centre scouring the clothing racks of some of my favourite shops on the lookout for some major fashion finds! That being said check out the video up top and see you tomorrow starting at 6:00AM going all the way until 9:30PM!! #TOEatonCentreBFF

Monday, November 24, 2014

A Little CHANEL Cruise Party Ain't Hurt Nobody

jacket - Balmain / skinny leather pants - Diesel / Combat Boots - Dr. Martens

May I say, as one would assume... Chanel definitely knows how to throw a party/serve a soiree/a.k.a/have a kiki!!... Last night in the lovely freezing city that is my Toronto, Chanel toasted to their newly stoked Cruise collection (remember Dubai!?) in a packed party-style presentation with good vibes, perrier jouet champizzle my nizzle and of course Mr. Brendan Fallis on the 1's & 2's! It was such a fun night.. Check out some of my snaps below.. oh and for all the other snaps I just got into Snapchat and you can follow me there... Guess my username LOL :P... XX

Sunday, November 23, 2014


If you don't know it is OFFICIALLY SALE SEASON and if you are glued to your desk and can't make it out to the sales themselves then do I have something exciting for you! SHOPBOP, one of my favourite online boutiques will be having a major sale moment not only on regular price items but on ALREADY reduces items as well! #HOWMAJOR! That being said.. click here and please go-head and shop shop shop!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Yes, we are literally only a few days from Sensation 2014, one of the coolest music festivals we have here in Canada. They literally take over an entire spots dome, which in our case is The Rogers Centre and turn it into one big... like.. EXPERIENCE! One of the best parts of this and in-fact my favourite, aside from the crazy things that go on inside and the music of course is the fact that this is an ALL WHITE attire event. You hashtag #LITERALLYMUST wear white. white pants, white tops white accessories.. All white EVERYTHING!.. This is not only so chic, so hamptons vibes with the open white button down vibes but also such an amazing challenge because you literally have to give a show in a sea of white.. That being said, I can NOT wait to share some of my favourite style from on-site at the SENSATION party that is happening November 29 and also share what I am wearing for the big hurrah to!! Maybe I'll have a white fringe moment.. That being said, make sure to stay tuned to my social media for all the live moments as they happen from Sensation this Saturday! BUT UNTIL THEN!! I want to share some white fashion moments you can get for Sensation this year!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday's Palette

I thought I would try something new today and bring out some colour for a Monday which I normally dedicate to an all black ensemble in lieu of my feelings. That being said, I also wanted any excuse to wear my white monochromatic docs because this weather has been atrocious out here in Toronto and today there is finally some sanity by way of 14°C weather #WhichIAmNotMadAtAllConsideringLastWeekWasFreezing. Needless to say nothing goes better for Fall then a pair of soft leather pants and a cool white t-shirt, I love the t's from Iro

The Black Jacket

The black jacket, a symbol of power, elegance, style, ferocity? Which one? I say all of the above. In my eyes, the right jacket asserts power, the right jacket showcases ones aesthetic, the right jacket opens doors. That all being said, enter one of my new favourite and classic pieces in my closet. I am beyond infatuated with the clean look of the shape but the intense details in the buttons and dimensions of the shoulder. The narrow body and mandarin collar. Evidently I just love it all. Shop Balmain blazers here in womenswear and menswear here

Monday, November 10, 2014

Light As A Feather

I nearly done fell off my chair when I saw these trousers from Daks' Spring/Summer 2015 runway show. I am beyond inspired by the beauty of these pants. Literally, from how the colour blends to, just, everything. It's quite insane actually, gives me goosebumps & isn! Regardless, how gorgeous?

LOUIS XIII Boutique, Yorkville

Introducing to you one of Yorkville's newest gem's of shopping! No seriously, I went to the launch of this super cool boutique last week under the impression it was a cool little consignment store, but boy was I wrong. LOUIS XIII Boutique is like every fashion kids designer treasure chest. Imagine all the pieces you wish you could find but could never because some buyers in this city never take the risk, well enter LOUIS XIII.. The boutique is fresh modern and the launch was so pretty and cool being that it was planned by www.melissaandre.com. From blood red Celine Phantom bags to all that real COOL Balenciaga you wished about, Givenchy sneakers, Balmain Jeans.. All brand new product sourced from the buyers internationally, it's like the ultimate one off-boutique WITH SIZES! The boutique is located at 83 Yorkville Ave. in the heart of Toronto's luxury shopping sector, basically you can't miss it! I highly suggest you check it out but hey! What do I know!? Im just a kid who likes fashion haha!! Kidding, seriously though! CHECK IT OUT! Xx

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Balmain to Open London Flagship in Mayfair & Unveils Revamped E-Commerce Website

Balmain is pleased to announce the opening of its first London flagship, set in the heart of Mayfair, on South Audley Street. Designed by Joseph Dirand, the architect who oversaw 2009 transformation of the house's historic Paris flagship, the new 125-square-meter boutique has sober stone exterior, with both the expansive front window and glass entry framed in black lacquer and gold leaf.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

HD HOMME Spring/Summer 2015

Carrying on with my distinct excitement for what was making it's way down the runways last week here in Toronto during World MasterCard Fashion Week..... Here I introduce to you my favourite luxury, dressy and formalwear menswear designer in Canada... HD HOMME... One of the only designers in our country to not only take menswear to the next level but not be afraid to experiment with it. I feel like everyone here does luxury formalwear so basic and they take pride in it.. They say it's all in the details, but everyone's doing the details.. Why I love HD HOMME so much is because yes, they do everything right.. They do it down to the details, the impeccable tailoring, the clean lines, the perfect finishes.. Yes, they do that all.. But then Hussein Dhalla, designer for HD HOMME, taks it to the next level by experimenting with the various aspects of menswear and taking it to the next level.. The proportions, the textiles, the prints, the colours and textures and you know... The sheer tank tops, and #YASSS... Those DEEP, DEEP, DEEP, DEEEEEP V's... You already know I was basically convulsing over what I was seeing when those extreme deep v's made their way down the runways... I personally can not wait to get myself in as many pieces from HD HOMME's Spring/Summer 2015 collation as possible!!!! Stay tuned!!!!!!!!