Thursday, February 11, 2016

All Aboard the SNKRS XPRESS

All aboard the SNKRS XPRESS! If you follow me on social media than you know by now that Nike has transformed a TTC streetcar into a sneaker boutique for Nike+ members during the NBA All-Star weekend. From Feb 11-14th the SNKRS XPRESS will be running from 10AM - 8PM giving shoppers a chance to shop a exclusive selection of footwear including the Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit, Air Jordan XXX, Jordan Cement IV, Kobe 11 Royalty, and a bunch of other surprise sneaker drops. The SNKRS XPRESS station is located at 277 Queen St. W. here in Toronto and will also pop-up in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Chanel's Spring 2016 Haute Couture

Can you imagine what goes on inside the mind of Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld? The sheer and utter non-stop flow of inspiration that spews out of his imagination on the regular.. I am only asking becuase when you think about the amount of amazingly wild and whimsical but oh so fashionable things this man has created to date, especially inside of the Grand Palais, it's quite hard to believe! For this season's Spring 2016, Haute Couture collection for Chanel, UNKLE KARL, created a dreamy outdoor garden scene doubling as the runway which would host a series of cocoon shapes and slinky silk silhouettes that would make up the couture collection.. I love and can only imagine the work behind the embroidery and details of this collection! I guess we will wait to get up close and personal in New York for the Haute Couture appointment ;);)

The Hierarchy; @BALMAIN's Fall/Winter 2016 Menswear Show

If you know me then you know how much I love Balmain for the dreams it creates. It is one of my favorite design houses to follow, admire and support. I have been fortune enough to be connected to this brand the last couple of years and this is the reason why.. Olivier Rousteing really came to win this season with his Men's Fall/Winter 2016 collection. For those who follow, you know that I am obsessed when Olivier Rousteing works with crystal details, hence my obsession with Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Now, with this runway show we can see that the king of crystals is back!!! Balmain's Fall/Winter 2016 collection is something our of a fairytale movie, the kind of stuff that princes would wear, the kind of stuff you could only see in movies.. Something very royal, something very regal, something veryThere are way to many epic moments that are happening in this collection and I could go on and on but I will just let you see it for yourself! View some of my favorite looks below!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Roberto Cavalli Fall/Winter 2016-17 Menswear Show

In now the second season designing at Cavalli and first for the menswear line, Peter Dundas is on the path to creating a new identity for the cavalli man. 'A wardrobe for the twenty first century dandy' comprised of a mix of exotic furs and textures, animal prints & an abundane of orient and indian embroideries and accents. Having been a follower of the collection for quite some time now it's fun to see the new spirit and direction of the brand. I love how cool and laid back everything seems. See some of my favorite looks here.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

ASTROLOGY x ASTRONOMY; Versace Fall/Winter 2016 Menswear Show

E.T. PHONE DONATELLA!!! BECAUSE GIRL we going to space!!!!! "It’s written in the stars – this is the universe of Versace." -- “The Versace man is a pioneer, his ambition as big as the universe. This is a collection for men who are totally real, totally bold and totally connected with the future.” Donatella Versace - There were way to many things I loved about this seasons collection from my beloved Versace family!!! From the cropped shearing and leather jackets, embroidered with patches to symbolize astronaut’s mementos to the MA-1 flight jacket's - Crystals decorated denim jackets and jeans to embody a constellation of stars. Maybe it's just me but I do feel like there was a very British feeling and vibe to this collection.. Let's call it the Alien's from England, then huh? Needless to say, I loved it and how Versace continues to push the boundaries on the expectations of menswear! Viva Versace!

Monday, January 18, 2016

The Investment: Hermes Bags A Better Investment Then Stocks or Gold

According to a recent luxury goods study, it has been determined that Hermes handbag's are better investments then gold & stocks. Based on the last 35 years, Hermes handbags [assuming a focus on the Birkin & Kelly] have increased in value by more than 500 percent due to the supply vs. demand.. The bags have an annual increase in value of 14.2% which means the sooner you 'invest' the more you save and the more you make!!!... Carrie Bradshaw did really say it best when she said "I like my money right where I can see it, in my closet!".... I can truly say I am glad to be able to love what I invest in!! See more below...

Friday, January 15, 2016

Hanging out at the @GrandBeachMiami

I was reminiscing back on my fabulous time in Miami during Art Basel earlier this morning and remembered that another one of my favorite moments at the Grand Beach Hotel Miami, was the beautiful grounds!! One thing I have always tried to focus on while staying in Miami is staying at beach front properties, where you literally get the beach in your backyard... That was one of my favorite things about the Grand Beach .. That and the pool area in the back! Talk about #BABYGOTBACK!!!!! I love how beautiful and manicured the pool area looks, it looks like a spa retreat and is designed beautifully.. It's just so LUXXE!!!.. Such a luxurious experience that definitely holds it on when comparing the experience to some of the 5+ star properties in South Beach. Then... there is that beautiful white sanded beach where the only worries I think anyone could have is whether or not they need to rotate to get the sun or if they want to get their hair wet in the ocean!! Here are some of my photos from the beautiful behind... of the Grand Beach Hotel Miami!

Louis Vuitton for UNICEF // #MakeAPromise

Exciting news! Louis Vuitton and leading humanitarian organization, UNICEF, have created a partnership to support the most vulnerable children around the world with an aim to raise funds for UNICEF to help support children that are exposed to conflict, diseases, natural disasters and other situations that threaten their safety and well-being. To initiate the collaboration and begin raising the funds, Louis Vuitton has created a specially designed silver lockit and bracelet that will be available in Louis Vuitton stores worldwide and of course, online at - For each sale of the silver Lockit pendant or bracelet $200 will be donated to UNICEF. The Silver Lockit is inspired by Louis Vuitton signature 'unpickable tumbler lock' invented by Georges Vuitton in 1890 to 'protect clients most precious belongings' - in this case it also 'seals one's promise to help children in need' which is just great. The campaign for this partnership features iconic and very high-profile celebrities making their [pinky] promise with Louis Vuitton, creative director Nicholas Ghesquiere, along side the pendant wrapped around their symbol of promise. See more photos of celebrities making their promise below.

Friday, January 8, 2016

New Music: Kanye West; G.O.O.D. Friday's Are Among Us

According to online sources, Kanye West, has been releasing new music over the last couple of Fridays, today included. Last week, he released 'FACTS' where he pretty much followed suit to the song title and laid down facts on facts on facts.. Today he releases 'REAL FRIENDS & NO MORE PARTIES IN LA' which is [from my perspective] a relatively calm and cool track where West shares his opinion on friendship, family and some other things nonetheless... Then the track ends and then transitions to it's second part talking about [I guess..] partying in L.A.- Check out this weeks release below.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Newest Recruits of the #BALMAINarmy - Naomi Campbell, Cind Crawford & Claudia Schiffer

That Balmain reign just won't let up! Olivier Rousteing, brings out the big guns for the Spring/Summer campaign.. Steven Klein captures Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, and Claudia Schiffer in sexy black & white images, posing in signature Balmain ruffled and fitted Spring runway pieces.