Wednesday, October 7, 2015

CHANEL Spring/Summer 2016 #ChanelAirlines

Seriously! Leave it to #UNCLE KARL to create something like this! What a mastermind.. To create the most fashionable airlines yet.. Seriously though! If Chanel ever did an airlines I would be collecting points for those flights all day! It's absolutely sublime. The spectacle of a show and the collection of course..

Lady Gaga + Nick Knight + Tom Ford Spring/Summer 2016 - I Want Your Love

You gotta watch this!! It's LEGITERALLY (remember the word I made up!? Literally and legitimately at the same time lol!!!) EVERYTHINGGGGG.. The song is fabulous, the clothes are fabulous, the models are fabulous (OH HEY LUCKY HOW YOU ZOIN BABY BOO BOO), the dance moves are just absolute YASSS QUEEEENSSSSSS!!! across the board... Love this, haven't stopped playing it on repeat!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The @BlackBerry 'Passport' Silver Edition #BlackBerryAtTIFF

Hey guys! So as you know I flew back to Toronto from New York Fashion Week for the last few days of the 2015 Toronto Film Festival! I mean how could I go without my TIFF! It's just one of those times where Toronto really comes to LIFE and is one of the best places to be in the world! The celebrities, the movies, the parties, the events, the EVERYTHING! It's just so fun! This year, I had the pleasure of teaming up with BlackBerry again for a super fun, crash course /slash/ in the moment device review and experience.. This time around, the device under the spotlight was their beautiful and insanely visually appealing both physically and via the screen lol.. BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition.. As a regular BlackBerry user I had some idea as to what to expect from upgrading from my BlackBerry 'Classic' - The BlackBerry Passport was surprising in many different ways from the unmatched speed of the device to some of the features I learned about and am obsessing over since discovering the device...

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ultra Boostin' in New York City #STRUTwithADIDAS @ADIDASca

Shoes - Adidas 'Ultra Boost' Sneakers

New York Fashion Week has been absolutely insane the last few days but such an amazing journey! Every season it get's more and more fun and there is more and more to do! This season was nothing short from jam packed so it was CRUCIAL that I had the ability to comfortable but still stylish... Enter the Adidas 'Ultra Boost' Sneakers - First of all, if you know me then you know I probably haven't worn anything neon since I did a collaboration with Marc Jacobs a couple years back and that was a toque so this is a big moment in my world of 'colour' happening right now haha! Second of all, I really have to shout out Adidas for the aesthetic of their shoes, between the Yeezy Boosts, Tubular's & etc. the style, shape and overall designs they have been pushing of their kicks is seriously dope and the more and more I get familiarized with the brand the more I am living for and loving their offerings. Aside from the obvious covetable style of the shoes is the level of comfort... This is not a joke, I have to share that I literally couldn't believe just how comfortable the Ultra Boost sneakers are.. I haven't yet tried them for running, only walking throughout the city but I am sure it's the same experience.. There is a level of bounce that is just like... Something I've never felt before.. Im legit fan girl'ing over these right now!!! Now I know what all the hype is about lol!!! Oh and you know.. After all that walking I did I had to stop and get myself a good ol' original NEW YAWKKK coke and pizza!! LOL!!

Photos by @ComeFeelMe

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

GIVENCHY Spring/Summer 2016 Runway Show in New York

This may be one of my favourite shows from New York Fashion Week this season, and if anything, until further notice, my favourite fashion show of the season (We still have to finish London, Milan & Paris fashion weeks of course... but yeah)... I love that Riccardo uprooted Givenchy from it's normal realm of Paris Fashion Week and brought the show to AMERICA!!.. To New York Fashion Week, to who I feel are the people who really popularized his collections, the American celebrity!!.. It's interesting because if you really look into the collection you notice all the references from his past collections, from his haute couture collections and ready to wear collections from previous seasons.. Making this.. Almost something more of an homage to his lifespan of work with Givenchy.. Needless to say.. Or, more if anything, to make a long story short.... Show-stopping, ground breaking, iconic and undeniably beautiful.... That is Riccardo Tisci's Spring/Summer 2016 collection for Givenchy.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Versus Versace Spring/Summer 2016

Versus Versace started this seasons London Fashion Week with a bang! Showcasing their Spring/Summer 2016 collection by the favoured creative director, Anthony Vacarello.. The collection theme was 'decorated deconstruction. Tough fluidity. The attitude of contrasts' featuring a strong, urban and playful mood.. A series of hand-drawn prints featuring palms and pineapple evokes the spirit of LA, dotted with iconic Versus Versace elements. Sportiness and energy run through the collection. And then, there is the always grungy chic feeling of the leather pieces with the hardcore hardware featuring the iconic VERSUS logo and lion icon. “Antony has captured the true spirit of Versus Versace. I love how he is pushing the brand that I love forward for a new generation.” Donatella Versace - “Versus Versace is about being bold and playful. Sporty functionality is fun to wear all season long, while deconstruction creates contrast and shows the skin beneath.” Anthony Vaccarello...

NOW available at


H&M is sharing their conscious message in some of the most amazing ways possible. Today 'Close The Loop' is a dynamic video pushing consumers to recycle their clothing... Which, if you think about it.. Makes total sense, why throw it away when you can donate it.. give it to a friend.. Or at least... Recycle it! I am rarely this enamoured by videos of this nature but something about the message, the cinematography and for me, most importantly the level of diversity, beauty and culture all in less then 2 minutes is just mesmerizing.. I'm gonna go watch this another 100 times now.. #KTHXBAI

Saturday, September 19, 2015



There's something iconic about those 3 stripes you know! They will always be there, they will never go out of style, they will never fade away! That said... I wanted to incorporate those iconic adidas '3 stripes' into my own personal style during my time at New York Fashion Week. Admit the chaos and running around, I made it a point to do so and capture them in a moment and style that best reflected me.. As you know I really only ever wear tight, skinny leather pants or jeans so I wanted to try something new from my perspective.. Enter the Adidas Original 3 stripe track-pants - They fit perfectly, and when I first put them on, it rekindled memories from nearly 10 years ago when I used to collect them in every colour.. Remember the fuzzy feeling when you would first put them on lol!?... A plus with this specific pant is that they are modernized with a hidden ankle zip which made it work perfectly into mistily since I've been obsessed with these ALDO ankle boots and wanted to keep the look street but still chic #YouKnowHowWeDoIt... Anyways, stay tuned for more of how I style my favourite ADIDAS pieces, shoes & clothing in my upcoming posts from New York Fashion Week!!!


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Up Close & Personal With: Chanel 'Cercle Prive' Haute Couture Fall 2015 Collection

Every season, one of my highlights of flocking to New York Fashion Week, is the time I get to spend with my Chanel family at the seasonal Haute Couture appointment. Jump in the car uptown to the Chanel offices, ascend the model maintained elevator to the magic floor where dreams come true and there is nothing but Haute Couture filling up an entire room.. Then you blink twice and realize YAS, this is real (lol!).. This season like every other, I have had the pleasure of once again attending and getting my time with yet another exceptional beautiful and always crazily cool Haute Couture collection from Chanel.. This season, the collection as always had all the signature elements, the iconic jackets, suits, skirts & you know, that iconic Chanel look..

For this season, the collection was themed 3D... Fitting, after learning that pieces and elements from the collection were actually constructed using the 3D printing process to create shell like bodies for jackets and details for other looks... Another amazing element was (as we've seen in the past) the blend of elements, textures and textiles... Karl never ceases to amaze me when you really get to look up close at some of these clothes and realize just how much thought goes into everything... The aesthetic was a bit more military with more masculine shapes and silhouettes which obviously I was oohing and awwing over!!

Overall, as you can imagine it was another dream experience with the amazing team at Chanel! Thanks for having me again!! XoJay