Thursday, January 22, 2015

BALMAIN Homme Fall/Winter 2015

Here are your first looks at the Balmain Homme Fall/Winter 2015 mens collection. I of course love the luxurious textures and the use of the crystal and embroideries. Something new and interesting this season are the extreme proportions Olivier infused into the silhouettes of the mens collection. From the Samurai style pants to the extra long blazers. I also love the new lengthy coats, especially the velvet one with the embroidered cuffs - it's so luxurious #HOTDAYM!.. Anyways, continue reading to see more of the collection and read Olivier Rousteing's method behind the madness and inspiration for the collection.


I always love supporting Canadian in any which way possible and right now it's about the music! I seriously have not stopped playing the Majid Jordan EP 'A Place Like This' on repeat since I bought it a couple months ago now. It is my indefinite playlist for my last few trips - OK this is how I feel about the songs.. You remember in The Hills & The City when the PERFECT song would come on during the PERFECT moment during a mischievous situation, a break up, a night out or something like that.. Well yeah, I just feel like Majid Jordan's music is made for life #IfThatMakesAnySense.. But regardless of all the mumbo jumbo I got to say - It's just some really cool music - Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Phillip Lim 'Romancing Reality'

For Spring 2015, 3.1. Phillip Lim takes a new direction astray from the traditional advertising campaign style. For the coming season the brand has created a campaign comprised of a series of images aptly titled ‘Romancing Reality’ with celebrated artist Viviane Sassen. The only briefing for this campaign was to create images that viewers want to live with, in their homes or studio. Images which are able to live beyond the confines of a traditional advertising campaign. See more below.

Sergio Rossi FW 2015 Men's

For the Fall/Winter 2015 mens collection for Sergio Rossi, Angelo Ruggeri, design director, emphasizes the pure elegance of a contemporary classic, by exploring the stylistic codes of the brand. Infused with strong male shapes and details such as high-frequency technique that give incredible three-dimensional effects and elements such as the craftmanship of light darkened leather which confers a special intensity to colours. English-style takes a modern twist. See below for more!

Monday, January 19, 2015


Just a thought. How hot are these Lipstick Red Maison Martin Margiela Future High-Top Sneakers.. As you know I am very specific when it comes to anything besides my Doc Martens but there is something about high contrast coloured sneakers that is really growing on me, hence this showcase of these sick Maison Martin Margiela sneakers.. What do you think?

Friday, January 16, 2015

Modern Love - Tiffany & Co.

I personally am always constantly inspired. Always inspired by what I see, what I hear, what I am surrounded by. That being said, I find that very rarely I am both inspired and moved.. At the literal exact moment I saw this photo I was instantly moved. Yes, because of two gay men showing their love for the world to see without fear or inhibition but also because of how not only forward but really just how classy and elegantly they are portrayed. Tiffany & Co. really captured a moment of love when I feel a lot of the time being gay is portrayed in the media as being loud, semi-obnoxious, cuntie, bitchie, overly dramatic, etc. The rest of the campaign is really gorgeous as well see below for the rest

Friday, January 9, 2015


T-Shirt - IRO Paris / Boots - Surface To Air

Miami has been nothing but sunshine, beach, shopping and eating. What is life!? I mean, I am definitely not complaining though! I checked out the Design District for the first time this trip and was so amazed to see how much it's expanded since I first saw it last year during the holidays! It's crazy how much is moving there. From Givenchy to Hermes, Cartier to Zegna! The entire fashion alphabet has made it's way to Design District and not only that, the design of the actual architecture, buildings, grounds, etc. is just beautiful as well! I can't wait until it all comes together!! All else aside, I finally found the perfect black crew-neck t-shirt of my dreams from IRO Paris - Also, this is my second debut of my new favourite shoes a.k.a these tan suede booties from Surface To Air which I seriously can't get enough of.. Why did I wait so long to move over to this movement? I mean I tried it out but never committed! Now all of a sudden I'm just hooked! It's that new me, that 2015 me #LOL!

Monday, January 5, 2015


Henley Top - H&M / Boots - Surface To Air / Jeans - Rag & Bone

Hello from sunny, beautiful, humid, hot, gorgeous and sexy Miami! I've had another amazing holidays here with the family and crazily enough have been openly detaching from black for 2015 - LIKE HELLO LOOK AT THIS OUTFIT!? NOT ONE OUNCE OF BLACK!! Considering the facts, this is quite impressive huh!? I think the most impressive step I've taken is my detach from my classic black boot style and this hella new for me tan suede ankle booties, which quite frankly I am overwhelmingly obsessed with... Anyways, all else aside, I am super excited for 2015 because I am going to be doing some crazy sheeeatttt and really pushing my dreams to the front line! I can't wait to share so much more with you guys!


Friday, January 2, 2015

Minna Parikka Bunny Sneakers

How cute are these my new sneakers from Minna Parikka - They are so fresh and so cute you can't even hate on them, #SERIOUSLY! Stay tuned for some more posts in my new cute tiiiings!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


sneakers - Nike x Riccardo Tisci / jeans - BLANK NYC Denim / jacket - Nike / sunglasses - Lanvin / Coat - Diesel Black Gold

Thank you to my homies over at Nike for hooking me up with some sick pairs of the NIKE x Riccardo Tisci sneakers, I now have the low cuts and the extreme high-cuts, naturally the very best of both worlds! When I first saw the sneakers I was in love but couldn't of imagined rocking the high-high ones.. But, then, naturally, "I" took over and fell in love after getting my paws on them... So, to make a long story short, I love 'em.. On a side note, if you've been following me on instagram then you would undoubtedly have noticed by now how heavily obsessed with these extremely ripped jeans from super cool, BLANK NYC Denim.. And to top it all off through on this new two-tone grey on silver varsity jacket from Nike.. Which is clearly a style staple I have been going extremely heavy with the last few months. And lastly... LASTLY!! This is a big surprise, I switched up my signature GFF sunglasses for a pair of these aviator style sunglasses from Lanvin.

Monday, December 22, 2014

BALMAIN Homme Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign

Mind BLOWN! In the best way possible of course. I am literally shaking in my boots because I am beyond bowing down to this Spring/Summer 2015 menswear advertising campaign photographed by Mario Sorrenti, art directed by Pascal Dangin and starring Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. I think this is absolutely amazing in more ways then one (as you can imagine) and am glad that with Olivier this goes beyond the clothes as it does for me as well.. "For this Menswear campaign, I wanted to capture a moment of love. Kim and Kanye are style icons and friends. It is an honour to have them in this Balmain campaign. Together, they represent love, beauty and diversity—they are the new modernity. This is more than a campaign, it expresses something beyond clothes—it is a celebration of love and friendship. This is a new statement for Balmain." says head of Balmain, Olivier Rousteing - No lie, I kind of new this was coming, I definitely expected it in my skin and bones at some point and boy am I ever excited to be able to witness it! I absolutely love this.

Gifts for Him: #Philips Shaver Series 9000 #FutureOfShaving

Hey guys! So a lot of people ask me about my skin, a lot of you guys! From how I have my glow, to how my cheeks are so smooth, etc.. So here it is.. Aside from a basic regiment I use that is strictly of Extra-Virgin olive oil (yes, I use extra-virgin olive oil all over my face and body after every shower and at any other opportunities to moisturize) I have been using the new Phillips Shaver Series 9000 to make sure the base of my face (a.k.a facial hair is all GONE GONE GONE!) is naturally at it's most baby-looking, hairless and clean...

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Naomi Campbell for Agent Provaceteur

YASSSSS..JUST YASSS to miss Naomi Campbell for just literally grabbing the moon and throwing all the shade in the world to us without having to do a damn thing except stand there.. The 44-year-young (who really just let's everyone know age is nothing but a number) gives you 'femme fatal'#REALNESS inspired by David Lynch’s Lost Highway and Brian de Palma’s 'Body Doubleas' with all that is Naomi Campbell #flawlessly as the face of the luxury lingerie line's newest campaign shot by Ellen Von Unwerth. Good on you Agent Provaceteur, good on you! Continue reading for more photos!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


tank top - ThinkReese - jeans BLANK NYC Denim - Chains Versace

YOU ALREADY KNOW.. When in South Beach do like the MIAMI...ITE'S do!! & Especially when Versace just hooked you up with their new Spring/Summer 2015 chains! #YESiKNowYouKnow lol! No matter where I go, no matter the temperature no matter the impending heat-stroke due to the fact that one is wearing Doc Marten's, full on jeans and two tank tops accompanied by some heavy gear and a gooooood ass pair of ripped jeans.. NO MATTER WHAT.. I am always committed to that all black game lol!! OH.. And the #NIPSLIP game #FREETHENIP... Almost reminds me of my first time in Vegas where I wore leather pants to walk the strip in the middle of August I believe it was #RIP... On another note, how ridiculously and intensely does this mesh 'JURUPA' tank top from THiNKREESE embody me? It literally completes me in so many weird, fishnet ways.. I can't live without it!