Monday, November 30, 2015

Art Basel Accessories.

The other day, I opened the door to a delicious delivery. In this case, delicious to the eyes and closet lol! My lovely family over at Versace sent me over a lovely little gift that is perfect for my upcoming trip to Miami for my third Art Basel, experience. I can't wait to be back down there and get to experience some amazing art, see all my friends and of course TURN UP in Miami!!! I also can't wait to debut this new lil beauty! It's a bit thicker then the chains that I normally am wearing but.. What can I say... "WHEN IN MIAMI!!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

An evening at @HollyEyewear

I decided to do something crazy the other day... Crazy... and out of this world (I mean, in my world at least!)... and very unexpected for me. I decided to take up my friends at Holly Eyewear on their offer of getting an eye exam! I did it.. It wasn't as scary or traumatic as I assumed it would be (Actually it was quite fab lol!!) and I found out I had -2 eyesight.. SO JUSTIFIED apologies now to everyone I've ever missed in public while out lol!! Anyways, so I did it learned that my eyes were healthy but I should get classes to clarify my vision.. So.. something else I did, I caved in and got glasses to! And of course, amidst all this I had to snap some pictures and share some images of the amazing space that is Holly Eyewear and the amazing stock they have from Pucci to Chloe, Retro to an epic Andy Warhol collaboration, it really is an experience for your eyes!!!

The LAC+CO Opening Party

It's so cool to see your friends do AMAZING things like open up their own salon in one of the most luxurious parts of the city! A couple days ago Karim & I had the pleasure of spinning one of my close friends, Tony Pham's opening night party of his new salon/boutique LAC+CO! The space is beyond words beautiful, fresh and airy. The products are so luxe (shotty on the dior sunglasses!) AND the vibe is just so dope! For the opening night the salon was turned into one of the cities hottest parties courtesy of the amazing coordination by Candice & Alison events!!! The music was so fun (we hope you liked it!) the food and drinks were delicious and the crowd was GORGEOUS! It was such a blast.. We definitely had a KIKI!! See some of my favourite photos captured by George Pimmnentel of the night below :) XOJAY

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

#OMG The Zoolander No. 2 Trailer Just Dropped

Pardon my level of excitement on this one but............. I LITERALLY CAN’T EVEN DEAL!! Literally dying inside, shaking and seething at the mouth right now dying over everything that just happened in this trailer!! Can we talk about Benedict Cumberbatch without eyebrows as “The Biggest SuperModel IN the World” and the fact that Justin Bieber makes a cameo!? LOL.. This is so good!!! I can’t even wait! “IM THE MUMBABAJANBAAA” OMG I CANTTTTTT LOLLLLLL!!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Hello, hello, hellooooo!!!!!! O.k. so if you follow me on social media, then you know that last week I had the pleasure of hosting and DJ'ing the exclusive launch and preview of the new Disaronno bottle design collaboration with Roberto Cavalli here in Toronto!! If you are familiar with the collaboration you'll know that last year they did Versace and this year they did Roberto Cavalli!! Both my fashion families!!!! For the third year of Disaronno's ICON project, the design drew inspiration from the Roberto Cavalli SS 2015 Pre Collection. The graphic animal print channels 'enchanting undersea world and the most exotic safari locations...' Another plus about this collaboration is that this partnership is also benefitting Disaronno's 'ICON' project's ongoing Charity Partner 'Fashion 4 Development' which is a great initiative sponsored by the United Nations... Honestly, I had sooo much fun being a part of this event and I am so happy that so many of my friends came out to play, kiki, dance and of course sip from the new Disaronno bottles!! I wore a fab just cavalli sweater that my Cavalli family in Milano sent over to me! But side note.. This must of been the first time I wore a crew neck sweater in public in months lol!! The highest neckline I have rocked in a while lol!!! Anyways!!! Continue reading and scroll down to see some of my favourite moments from the night!! XOJAY

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

160 Years of Veuve Clicquot... #Clicquot160

Very few times am I really ever left in awe and filled with wanderlust and dream.. I mean, the last time that probably happened was when Chanel whisked me away to Paris to join them on a multi-day excursion filled with fittings, a very special visit to a very special apartment and some other goodies.. Or... Maybe before that when I got to walk the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival for the very first time.. I've had some moments that have left me in awe and this my friends... This chic-as-ever, 48 or so hour trip with Veuve Clicquot to parts of Canada i've never even been to was definitely such a great experience!! What started with a 3 hour train ride from Montreal to Quebec in a Veuve Clicquot decked out train cart or caboose, whatever you would like to call it! It was so chic! We got on board at around 9:30AM, had some breakfast and by 11:00AM (the time that it's actually legal to drink booze on that part of the country) the Veuve Clicquot began popping!! It was so effing chic!!.. Then we arrived in Quebec where we as a group walked together to our accommodation for the evening, the beautiful Fairmont Chateau Du Frontenac... A place where Veuve Clicquot's heritage laid rich in the ambiance of this stunning chateau.. Getting to learn that Veuve Clicquot has been in Canada for 160 years.. Meaning that Veuve Clicquot was in Canada, before Canada was even Canada #EXCUSE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!.. Here we had a black-tie dinner for the 60 or so guests that were all invited by Veuve Clicquot.... The dinner was inspired by and modelled after the Queen's Gala dinner from a period she was at the Chateau du Frontenac.. The dinner was gorgeous from the delicious food down to the copious amounts of Veuve Clicquot, we all sipped and cheers'd with throughout the evening! What a gorgeous experience!

Vive La Veuve!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Wanderlust: Take Me To The Beach #MyStyleJaunt

It's happening.. It's really happening!! The temperatures in Toronto are dropping fiercely and giving me some serious anxiety to the point that I LITERALLY CAN'T EVEN... If you know me then you know theres one thing hate... EXTREME'S.. I hate extreme heat and extreme cold.. Can't 'it' all just get along and have hot days and cool nights?!?!?! My dream in a nutshell lol.. Anyways, with the cold quickly approaching, I am taking it upon myself to create a dream vacation and think of a place that me and you (my readers of course) could get away to!! Where should we go!? Maybe Costa Rica for the weekend?? Maybe Mexico for a couple weeks?.. Hmm.. Maybe Colombia!? Or wait.. How about Jamaica!? Yeah, you know what.. Let's take a trip to where the island vibez are realllllly a gwan!! O.k. i am closing my eyes and imaging that I am in Jamaica, Montego Bay again!!!

Toronto Fashion Week at The Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto

I can't believe Toronto Fashion Week, was already like how many weeks ago!? 1... 2... 3!?!?! It was so much anticipation leading up to it and then all of a sudden in a poof, it's gone! How crazy is that!!... If you followed me on social media throughout it all then you would know that this season I had an amazing experience and amidst it all I had the pleasure of staying at the beautiful and luxurious Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto... I've always been a fan of the brand, having my first Shangri-La experience in Paris during fashion week a couple years ago!! Remember the CR Fashion Book Party I went to! #memories... This time around being familiar with the hotel, having gone to a few events there, I had an idea of what to expect but never really the full experience that awaited... Upon arriving into the grand foyer and entrance, I was greeted by my own personal concierge who, right away, made sure my bags were sent up and I was feeling right at home.. I didn't even really have to go to the front desk (I guess one can assume that they were expecting me lol)..

Upon entering my room I was quickly greeted by a bottle of their delicious, Sancerre white wine and quite smitten with my accommodations. There was a fresh aroma to the space as well as a luxurious and sleek ambiance decorated the room. I.. Naturally and without hesitation made myself right at home at the Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto

If you know me then you know I love me a good marble bathroom + selfie situation so you can only imagine my excitement when I noticed just how CHIC the bathroom's were at the Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto.. I was thoroughly impressed with how major myself turned out LOL!!

On the fashion Friday night (the fashion Friday is when the magic really happens at Toronto Fashion Week and they close it out with a bang, with my friend Mikael D) we had a big group in the beautiful lobby of the Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto who all came together for a delicious meal of their lobby menu which IN NO WAY is actually a lobby menu experience.. We had delicious oysters, sliders and oh, can't forget the ace of spades.. It was so yummy and definitely the epitome of a luxurious dinner! All in all I had a #EXTREMELYCHIC stay at the gorgeous Shangri-La Hotel, Toronto and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a glamorous stay in Toronto... Stay tuned for my spa experience coming up soon!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Simply Hermèsistible

Exciting news Hermes lovers! Today, Hermes launches their newest online world of women's accessories, called, Hermèsistible.. How chic right!? If you know you know I love a good play on words so I instantly fell in love with the name f the new online destination... The site is an online destination with roll through content that comes to life as you explore... Hermèsistible, by fashionable definition is an illustrated dictionary of moods comprised primarily of the experience of fleeting jealousy, a creative idleness, a gentle dash of madness, or an impulsive desire to pack your bags, without being able to articulate exactly how you feel? "Jalousele", "Aparesse", "Follitude", "Escapitude", "Impulcie"... Check out the video above to get a feel of what to expect at

#MUSICMONDAY: DJ SNAKE - Middle ft. Bibolar Sunshine

CURRENTLY ON REPEAT LIKE NO-BODIES BUSINESS! CAN NOT WAIT to play this in Miami for Art Basel and just drive up and down collins!! How amazing is the vibe of this tune!!!!!!!